Help installing new version Nanowallet & paper wallet generator


Hi All,
I have previously installed Nanowallet 1.4.0, and started with the ‘start.html’ file included in the .ZIP
I recently downloaded 1.4.3 & 1.4.10, neither of which contain ‘start.html’, and consequently, I can’t start nanowallet or install it, as I can find nothing in the archive that will execute like the old version did.
Also downloaded the Voucher Paper Wallet Generator, which brings up an error message every time I try to run ‘Voucher+Paper_Wallet.exe’ as per instructions.
Can anyone help on either problem, thanks!


Currently, NanoWallet is provided as an executable file format embedded in the browser.
To use it, please unzip all downloaded ZIP file.
When opening the expanded folder, there is an execution file named NanoWallet.
Double click on the executable file and use it.

If you want to use start.html as before, please refer to the figure below and download it.

For paper wallet, we will investigate separately.



The software of this paper wallet also gives an error at the time of execution with the ZIP file as it is.
Please unzip all of the ZIP file before using them.

Thank you.


Thanks for your reply. Sorry that I forgot to mention that my OS is Ubuntu/Linux.

I had already extracted files from the ZIP before finding the problem

And for the paper wallet too, already unzipped, but error message when I tried to run,

thanks for your help


Although it is described in detail here, installing “Mono Runtime Environment” in Linux seems to make it possible to execute exe file.



Thanks mizunashi!

I’m working with Linux as well and the generator runs fine on Ubuntu with Mono runtime installed. However there is sometimes (depending on the Mono version) a small issue saving the vouchers/paper walles to file. I need to investigate more to resolve it - in the meantime, as a work around one may take a screenshot to save/print it.


Dear author, Thank you for replying.
Thank you very much for explaining the situation in detail.