Voucher & Paper Wallet Generator

I would like to introduce my new version of the voucher & paper wallet generator application with mobile wallet support. It runs on Windows with .NET Framework 4.5 or on Linux/Mac with MONO.

I hope it is useful for you and helps to support NEM.

Please make sure that a private key, created with the generator, is ONLY visable and accessible by you, save wallets to trusted storage only. If a 3rd party gets access to your private key they will be able to spend your funds. Please test the software and paper wallet before sending high amounts of XEM.

You can download the current precompiled version of the generator from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i2d31xwm7zpowbk/Voucher%2BPaper_Wallet_Generator%20--%20Apostille%20TX%2066f9b74a34747f904d97751f3bfd321201d6c7b351786148fd41ecd8e372d5f5%20--%20Date%202016-11-10.zip?dl=0

How to run:
-Download the .zip (keep the long name)
-Verify the publisher with the Apostille service
-Extract all .zip content to a new folder and execute “Voucher+Paper_Wallet.exe”

It’s highly recommended to verify the orign of a generator .zip file with the NEM Apostille service (by using the free Nano wallet) don’t change the filename for verificaton. This assures you are using a file published by me.

You can also compile your own version from sources here:

My publisher address for verification (and tips - thank you!): NANEMA-TZVL26-LNYIBB-GOZ7X2-IQ57UR-ZLEWFT-63YZ


thanks so much Owon!

very cool you used Apostille to stamp it :slight_smile:

Is it possible to set this up on mac ?

Should be possible with the Mono Runtime Environment, afik it is availabe for Mac as well. I can’t test it because i have no Mac. Have tested it on Linux with Mono and it runs successful. However please note that on Linux i sometimes was not able to save the vouchers/wallets to file. But you can also take a screenshot to print them.

I will give it a go and let you know! Thanks!

Great work! Can you use this to create a paper wallet for an existing private key?

Hi! This is not yet available in the Gui, although it would be a good enhancement.

In the meantime, you can tweak the code a bit to get that, it’s quite easy if you have Visual Studio or Mono develop installed. If its an option for you i can point you to the lines of code you have to change, nevertheless i will take it as a feature request but it may take while to find a free slot of my time to add it in.

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I do have VS installed but have never developed in Mono. If you can point me to the lines I’m sure I can figure it out. Thanks in advance!

VS is fine, you can use either this or Mono develop what ever you prefer.
You can do the following:

    • Download the sources as .zip file from my GitHub (like see above)
    • Extract the .zip to a new folder
    • Open the project “Voucher+Paper_Wallet.sln” in VS (double click the file should open it)
    • Once it is open start it (green arrow on top) to see if all dependencies are available

If Step 1 was successful you can compile and run the tool on your computer and we can go on with the next steps.


    • On the right open the file “MainForm.cs” for editing
    • Navigate to line 243, you should see this:

      // Testdata
      //string privateKey = “abf4cf55a2b3f742d7543d9cc17f50447b969e6e06f5ea9195d428ab12b7318d”;

  • Remove //string and change the rest of the line to privateKey = "<your key>", it should look like this:

privateKey = "abf4cf55a2b3f742d7543d9cc17f50447b969e6e06f5ea9195d428ab12b7318d";
Please make sure that the private key is a string in hex format, low case and contains 64 chars. Don’t forget the “;” at the end of the line.

  • Hit the green arrow again and run the project.
  • Once started click “generate” and this should create you a paper wallet with your key set in the sources.
  • After saving the paper wallet make sure that you remove your private key again (delete the line and save the file) out of the sources!

Hope this helps you.

EDIT: Safety note: Always test the paper wallet and make sure you can import before sending funds to it! Keep you private keys safe!

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Great, will be piece of cake. I hope to make time this weekend to play with it and will send you a tip when I get it working.

1st - thanks for making such a beautiful paper wallet program. NICE.
I have looked it over and am wondering if there is a “BULK” create feature that I have overlooked?
It would be really handy to be able to create bulk paper wallets offline.
If this isn’t a feature yet – are there plans for it?

Hi! No, unfortunately there is no such feature yet.

It’s not concretely planned but i will add it as well to the list of features requested - although i can’t promise a release date yet.

Updated the .exe version of the voucher and paper wallet generator which now has the option to create wallets from a custom private key as well as bulk voucher support.


When I attempt to launch the Voucher+Paper_wallet.exe, it gets picked up by my anti-virus (Panda) and gets deleted immediately.

I logged onto the NanoWallet, however could not see a “Services” section in order to validate the .Zip file using the NEM Apostille service.

Any kind soul out there who is able to assist?

Many thanks.

Hi Arimor,
sadly some people do harmful things with executables, this is probably the reason why most AV software warns or removes .exe files - which, in general, is understandable.

First of all you should verify the .zip file you have. Open Nano Wallet - Navigate to the Services section (top navigation bar) and find “Apostille”. Below Apostille you have the chance to “Audit” a file. Click on “Audit”, Drop the .zip file in (keep the long name) and verify that you get a “File sucessfully audited” message. Also check that it is published by NANEMA-TZVL26-LNYIBB-GOZ7X2-IQ57UR-ZLEWFT-63YZ. The red x in the “private” section just indicates that the Apostille is done with the public address - this is okay.

Once you have verified the .zip file you should consider if you can trust me as a publisher and you may check if you can add an exception to the AV software. I don’t know Panda but most AV software allow white listing for individual files. I wouldn’t recommend to disable the anti virus software at all!

If it’s not possible to add exceptions you may run the generator in a virtual machine, there are f.ex. vmware player, hyper v, virtual box etc. which give you an isolated operating system.

It’s also possible to use some sandbox software to isolate the generator from your environment, although i personally have no experience with that.

Last option, this also applies if you don’t trust me, you can compile and run the generator form the sources. Install Visual Studio Community Edition, download the sources from github to a new folder, open the project and run it.

Hope this helps

Thank you for getting back to me on this Owon, all sorted. I just added the .exe to the AV exceptions list.

Many thanks once again.


I made a tutorial on how to use this paper wallet generator :slight_smile: I am always using it to make some paper wallets for meetups :smile:


Hi owon do you have this version on github?

Hello Joris. True, seems as if the version on github is not the latest one. Thought I updated it… It’s not on my computer anymore, but I will search for it in my backups an push it. Please give me some days to check.