Help me to get my XEMs from my iOS wallet

Yes, I did restore it from iCloud, and I do have problems sending to another wallet (I created a new wallet, write everything down this time and try to send the tokens, but i got the Failure signature problem I am seeing on the forum)

Do you have a lot xem on this wallet? Looks like they are probably lost :confused:

No way to get them back even if I have access to the wallet?

Problem is when you restore from backup your private key encrypted in app was not restored. This is what you have now. Only account without private key. And that’s mean you can’t do transaction or export key. Only thing you can do is show transaction and balance… I’m not specialist but you can try on your own risk restore app from itunes. Maybe itunes is set to backup also secure data. But if this is big amount I will wait on your position because maybe someone find in future solution for this…

Wao looks like I’m trapped in something quite weird. Will try to download it as you say, hope it works (will let you know), if not will definitely wait.

Hi again, I managed to recover my iPhone from someone who found it, but it looks laike they erased it. I am going to try to get the info back from a profesional provider to see if the info can be recovered. Do you know how is the PK stored in the iPhone? If it is a file, what is the extension?

Unfortunately I don’t know much but based on what Thomas (IOS mobile app developer) have writen in this topic:

Private key is stored in secured storage called Keychain. You can ask your provider if in general it’s possible to recover this memory. If they need more information I think that @thomasoehri can answer when he will be available.

Very helpful, as always. Thanks man!

I am having this exact same problem (also showing balance + transactions and crashing when trying to export). Can’t send my coins because of the error ‘failure_signature_not_verifiable’. Got plenty of money on my account.

Can only login using face ID. Please advice.