Help me to get my XEMs from my iOS wallet

Hi Everyone, Can anyone help me to transfer my XEMs from my NEm iOS wallet? “Failure. Signature is not verifiable”
I offer a reward of 3000XEM. The only way I can get into my wallet is with my fingerprint. I can not retrieve my private key either.

Try to disable TouchID.

Here: Problem when make Withdraw from iPhone app

I tried but it does not accept my password any longer which is strange. And I had to reset my phone and use back up to come back to Touch ID.

Did you restore app from backup? This is problem when app is restored.

Yes. I restored the app from back up.

But there must be a way to get my funds back. The phone is still mine and the wallet is mine and fingerprints are mine. I can not get my private key though. But I do not need private key to make a transfer. The problem is with application isn’t it?

Private key is required to do transfer. When you restore from backup it’s removed because it’s stored in secure memory which is not backuped by default by apple. And now you have app without you key.
Did you restore from itunes or icloud?

Do you mean that I lost my private key forever because of back up from iCloud? I actually transferred a bunch of XEMs without knowing that I can not use my wallet after back up. And I was stupid not to save my private key…

There is a warning when you create wallet about necessary of export account. You don’t do this? In private message I sent to you contact to IOS dev. Maybe he will be able to help you.

Thanks I will get in touch with him…

can you send me the contact aswell, im having the exact same problem

Hi Pawelm, you IOS dev has not come back to me. Hopefully when he is back he can help…

Maybe vacation (Christmas time). Sorry probably Thomas answer when he will be available.

I am actually inside my IOS wallet but I can’t see my private key, how can I retrieve it?

When you go to More - > export account - > ok - > show private key can you see private key?

No, the app crashes down each time I do it

This looks like same issue… Do you restore app from backup?

Problem is that I didn’t write down my PK when I download it into my iPhone.

Yes. This should be first thing before you sent tokens to this wallet. Dis you restore application from icloud/itunes? I’m trying figured out where is the problem. You have also error when you try send tokens to another wallet?