Problem when make Withdraw from iPhone app

Yes. It looks like same problem as in Problem when make Withdraw from iPhone app
You can ask Dyon and Thomas if they managed to fix this.
As I understand you are sure you don’t do backup after wallet creation (there is message about this) ?

I don’t think I have a backup. Installing and depositing was so very easy that I payed to little attention to this kind of stuf. I hope maybe @thomasoehri can help me out?!

Can you contact me on Telegram (@thomasoehri) so we can try to find a solution?

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Im having the same problem here trying to withdrawal NEM from the phone app, "FAILURE_SIGNATURE_NOT_VERIFIABLE"
now i tried to enter my private key in the mobile wallet on my computer (chromebook) and it says i have zero xem

Could you please give your public address ?

thanks for the response

It looks like this address is not visible in blockchain (no transaction with this address was made).
You can search here or here

So is there like nothing i can do? I lose all of my money? I have the private key, it says i have it in my mobile wallet on my phone.

This could not be your address (NCZGOY-DERML2-IDMWHE-2FWP6D-WFCXSN-B256R-5XSD) because my wallet tells me this is invalid address. Did you copy paste?

Sorry no im trying to copy it manually from my phone app

You address has over 2000 XEM
If you have your private key you can import into nanowallet.
Sign up -> Private key wallet -> Put you backuped private key, wallet name and password
After that please login and verify if node in top right corner has green circle.

thank you!!! good to know its still there. Is there a nanowallet for chromebooks?

Yes. You can use universal client operating in browser

Link is from official page - > get wallet - > universal client button (below windows/ios/linux)

then start.html?
i get a blank page with this
in the URL

I don’t have problem with using on chrome.
Could you try with other browser (firefox for example) or they are not available foe your OS?

Did you unzip the folder. Nanowallet standalone should work fine on chromebooks using chrome.

They are not available. I unzip the folder and then i see start.html I click on start.html and get
externalfile:oedeeodfidgoollimchfdnbmhcpnklnd:%2Fprovided%2Foedeeodfidgoollimchfdnbmhcpnklnd:~%252FDownloads%252FNanoWallet-1%252E4%252E13 (1)%252Ezip:a9d1ac049c708a273f8a486f13ae173c85a8318a%2FNanoWallet-1%2E4%2E13%2Ezip:a9d1ac049c708a273f8a486f13ae173c85a8318a/NanoWallet-1.4.13/start.html

Maybe some extension (adblock, or other) you installed blocks running wallet? If not please verify output from diagnostic console (f12 shortcut?) if there are not some errors.

Okay it was an issue with the Chrom OS. I had to make a new folder and copy the files in that folder.
I logged into my wallet, and the node icon is a green ring with a white center. It says I have 0 xem but we already confirmed that I have over 2000xem

Yes you have over 2137 xem.
Could you give a print screen from main page after login and send tab?