Problem when make Withdraw from iPhone app


I can’t withdraw from the iPhone app, when I do the app closes…
Can somebody please help?




There is a possibility that the load of NIS server currently set for iPhone is high.
Please try changing the NIS server from the setting menu once.

Please look at the length of the secret key if possible. It should be 60 or 62 characters.


Thanks, I now get:

Do you maybe know what’s wrong?

This message is output when the public key and private key do not match.

I think that my private key was backed up when creating a mobile wallet.
If you enter a secret key by newly creating a wallet, it will be restored.

According to my experience, the secret key of this message is broken.
If there is no backup, the funds will probably disappear.

I haven’t got my secret key…
How come the message is broken? What kind of shit app is this?

Do you really think I lost my coins?

For this kind of time, backups must be acquired before entering funds.
I do not know how the application is being made and how it is now.

I will inform NEM Core/Dev of the problem so I’d like to wait.

If you can contact them, that would be great! Hope they have a solution.

I know, normally I save the private key.

When do you get that error? Is it when you try to export your private key?

I never used the app, only put coins on it a few months ago.
How can I export my private key?

You need to be viewing the account you want to export. Then click on “more” at the bottom right, and choose export account. Then you can click on the private key button to view your private key.

Thanks for your reply, but when I try to do this the app closes itself.
So I think i’m not able to view :frowning:

Any advice please?

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Could you please help me?

I send you private message with couple questions. To tell the true I’m not sure how help you.
It’s possible to copy from device application data with your account? I dont know IOS.
Application is crashing when you try click more button and also when you try send tokens to another account?

Thank you! I just send a reply! With more information!

@Saul it looks like similar issue have people in topic Problem with iPhone wallet [MOVED]
This problem is already fixed? Message when sending money looks similar. Only difference is app crashing when trying export key.

I really do not know, that is why I have tagged @thomasoehri, he is the one who is actively making updates to this app.

Hi Thomas (@thomasoehri),
Could you please help with my issue?

From what you’re describing it seems that the stored private key on the device is corrupt.
The application encrypts the private key with the application password you’ve chosen and stores the resulting string on the device. When you try to access the private key, the application tries to decrypt the stored string with your application password, and if that isn’t possible it crashes.

Have you had the application installed before the 24th of may and changed the application password, where the app was still v1.0.4? We had a bug in that release where changing the application password, which makes the app re-encrypt the stored private key with the new application password, would encrypt and store it in a wrong format. If you changed your application password with that version of the app, it would result in corrupted private keys.

The issue was fixed with v1.1.0 of the app, which was released on the 24th of may.
Could that be the case with your issue? If so, there is still something you could check to get the correct private key back. Can you check if you have an iTunes/iCloud backup of your device from the time before you changed your application password? If you find one don’t restore it just yet, first respond back to me. There are critical parts of data we have to retrieve from the device where the application is crashing before we can restore the backup! We have a recovery version of the app for that.

If you neither have a backup of your private key nor a backup of your device, there is no way to recover access to your account.

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Good afternoon Thomas,

Thank you for your reply.

I think I got the app before 24th of may and put the coins on it and never used the app again to send or receive coins. So I never really changed the password, only select changed from vingerprint to manual input.

I updated the app only 3-4 weeks ago.
I have still a backup from 28-6, but don’t know what version of the app is on that one.

Do you think it could be recovered with the back up?

Hopefully my account can me fixed!

Thanks in advance!!

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