Help recovering wallet

Dear Tech Support,
I have tried to access my Nano wallet after a long time (2 years) but is seems that my
browser’s local storage was erased.
I can open the wallet home page but doesn’t have the option to select my account in the drop down menu anymore. Only the pw field can be typed in.

I do have my .wlt file and my private keys.

How can i recover my wallet safely?

Many thanks in advance


Using wlt file:
Login -> Import Wallet -> Select file. Wallet will be imported and you will be able login.

Using private key:
Sign up -> Private key wallet option
Choose mainnet, new password, new wallet name and provide private key from backup. Create wallet and login into it. Wallet should have same address as your old wallet (if private key is correct).

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Thanks Pawelm for the prompt answer.
So if I understand correctly I only need to create a new wallet if the .wlt file import doesn’t work?

Thanks in advance

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So I have tried to import the .wlt file as suggested but I get an error message saying “you are trying to load a file which is not wallet” although it is the original .wlt file I had. I am using NanoWallet Version: BETA 1.3.12
I would appreciate your help here again.

Many thanks

Looks like very old version of nanowallet (1.3.12) it’s not on github.
If you have private key I would try with this. It will be easier (as described above).

It probably is… I have put my XEMs aside for a while.
Thanks I will try the second option then. I will download and install a NEM Wallet and sign up with my private key.
Many thanks again