High throughput blockchains

So I have been away for a while, walking through the labyrinth of 2019 crypto projects.
I have been noticing many new projects spruke “high throughput!”, many claiming as high as 10,000 tx/s!
Last time I remember Nem did 4 tx/s.
Can someone elaborate on this, as to why Nem does not look inferior when comparing 10,000 tx/s?
We all know that folks will be throwing their money at 10,000 tx/s but is it possible this value is being used in a way to just attract buyers?

Also why does Nem not have a xem/usdt Trading pair on Binance?
That has to be a bit of a setback.

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Never 10,000 tx/s in Nem… Never 4,000tx/s. I hope Catapult can revive Nem

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