Historical node setup

Hi, I’m new here and want to set up the NEM mainnet historical node.
Can anyone please provide me the docker image file of mainnet?
Where can I find documentation on the installation steps?

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You mean NIS1 node with enabled historical data?
Are you aware that it requires a lot of memory (~90GB).

Yes. I’m aware of that and we are ready to save a large volume of data.

It’s not disk space requirement. Is operation memory.
You need ~90gb of RAM memory.

Yes, we’re good with that. We want docker image details and installation document for the same.

NIS1 historical node:
The only difference from a normal node is the configuration (and the high RAM requirements). You have to a set in the config file
and you probably want to have
nis.transactionHashRetentionTime = -1
to keep all tx hashes in memory (does not take much more memory)
I recomment a 256GB server for a historical node, though 128GB are possible too. You have to give at least 90GB RAM to the Java engine.


Thanks for your response. I’ll give a try and get back.

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Hi guys,

I tried setting up a full node given here https://hub.docker.com/r/criptalia/nem-node/
But I’m getting an error while running the docker-compose file, i.e., “something really bad happened: java.util.concurrent.CompletionException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: network boot failed (org.nem.nis.NisMain b)”
Any idea on this?

or anyone can provide the details of the official main net docker image for the node set up?

Usually means that your node was not able to connect to any other node in the peers-config_mainnet.json file. Or is it a testnet node?

Not testnet, we tried mainnet only.

Could you please let me know where this peers file is present?
Is it possible that this issue is because of the port?

Could you include more logs?
In my case all you have to do to run correctly node is:

  • install java8
  • extract zip
  • modify start script (more memory)
  • modify config.properties in your case (add historical data)
  • run node

Thanks. I’ll give it a try