Hongbin Ma (Thilon) for Council Member


Hi, Dear NEM members and global community

I’m Thilon come from China, my Chinese name is Hongbin Ma. As one of the earliest stakeholders of NEM since 2014, I witnessed NEM’s growth. Now I have multiple supernodes. As one of NEM China co-founders, it’s my pleasure to promoted NEM technology and concept in China. Today, since I own large number of XEM, I am announcing that I will be running for Council member.


I am a co-founder of NEM China. I was first exposed to Bitcoin in 2013, and has been involved in NEM since 2014. I was one of NEM’s earliest investors and actively shared articles with Chinese community.

Besides my association with NEM, I am an IT expert with hands-on management experience. In 2005, I worked on the architecture and research for eMule, a peer-to-peer file sharing software on a well-known sharing website, VeryCD. I was familiar with the principles and development of P2P networks and later developed a new P2P file sharing software, easyMule. In 2010, I was responsible for architectures and researches of the network manager in Green Packet (a Malaysian listed company) Shanghai office. In 2014, I was the director of the Internet finance department at a financial management company, Hengyu Finance. My daily duties include the development of a P2P platform, as well as R&D team-leading. Since 2016, I have been leading Alibaba Cloud’s Max Computer/E-MR big data team. Years of industry experience makes me an expert in big data analysis, Java development, and C. /C++ development and architecture.

Why run for council member ?

It was in 2013 when I first contacted with blockchain, hence I am well aware of the history of blockchain and crypto.

  1. I’m the early stakeholder of NEM, I own a large sum of XEM and multiple supernodes.
  2. Over 10 years development experience in Java and C++.
  3. Over 5 years R&D team management experience.
  4. Over 3 years of experience in negotiating with large enterprises and government agencies
  5. Extensive experience in community construction, advertisement and project R&D .
  6. Have a good relationship with team in other regions.
  7. The ability to take a long-term view toward NEM to map out its future road.

3.Vision, goals and strategies for 2018-2019


Build an open, collaborative and prosperous NEM ecosystem

3.2 Goals

  • Find out solutions - We should help users solve problems in the business using the NEM blockchain. Encourage innovative projects in the NEM community and find value in them. Finally, the NEM community can support more projects and solutions around the world.

  • Expand develop er team of NEM blockchain - We should expand the R&D team, including system administrators, web developers, and C++ programmers. Looking for some real understanding of NEM blockchain and creative developers. They are passionate about using this technology to make the world a better and safer place. At the same time,there is a need to hold a developer summit on a regular basis. Try to open up more research results and share them through the open source community.

  • Build a diverse and fair community - The development of the NEM community is inseparable from the support of token-holding users, especially those who hold a large amount, have contributed tremendously to the development of NEM. We want to encourage NEM holders to stay active on multiple community platforms, which is expected to attract more NEM fans on social media. We also encourage token-holding users to contact other communities or different market segments, which will help build a larger, more diverse NEM community. All of this has led to an interest in NEM applications and potential investments.

  • Increase transaction liquidity of global exchanges - we are better to provide market value management to assure the relative stability of the XEM price.

  • Maintain users loyalty - The blockchain industry is constantly changing. A month ago, people were interested in NEM, but they completely forgot on next month. The news spread quickly and many investors are constantly looking for the next bitcoin, not the next innovative blockchain project. In order to prevent the NEM from being left when the next new trend occurs, the existing users must be reconnected. According to the social media, using some applications such as Telegram to tell users what NEM is doing. Media publishing is also an effective channel to attract potential fans. Good media writing will leave a lasting impression on NEM’s target audience, which may attract more traffic to the NEM project.

  • Reward loyal users -Encourage users to participate in the NEM projects and personal channels promotion.

  • Build a competitive and efficie nt team - To make a team competitive, you must first recruit talents with certain experience in related fields, rather than just relying on relatives and friends to enter the team. This is extremely unfair to other people who come in through the interview, and it has slowed down the efficiency of the team. Second, establish an internal training system that allows potential but inexperienced people to quickly become familiar with the business and integrate into the team.

3.3 Strategies

  1. Establish industry standards and find out the most suitable industry for NEM blockchain.
  2. Establish enterprise standards and benchmark enterprises based on NEM blockchain.
  3. More drive development through NEM technology, and segment the industry market through technology.
  4. Form a decentralized culture and lay the foundation for building a NEM ecosystem.

Looking forward to engage with everyone and let us work together towards building a solid foundation for NEM!


I hope you do well, I think I remember your nick from Telegram chat.
Someone with your timeline of experience and on the ground involvement would indeed be an asset to Nems future evolution.
All the best of luck with your candidacy.


Good luck Thilon, you have an impressive track record. I hope you’re elected, and you have my support.


Wishing the best Thilon! As a note, Thilon had taken the initiative to visit Australia a number of times to engage with the NEM community and has been very gracious and supportive in the work we all do on NEM. His experience and history with NEM would be an added value to the ecosystem!


Hi ,Thilon, i‘m Michal ,i met you in China before,you are really a smart guy,and professional. im intersted in nem just because of you . Because of your blockchain suggestions, my company got financing.
thank you so much,and you have my support


I really hope you do well. Good luck !
It’s very difficult to google you since the name Hongbin Ma seems to be absurdly common.


Good luck.Do better!


You financed and manage a couple supernodes by yourself? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


great man!support you!


Hi Thilon, thanks for posting! I actually am curious about the Chinese blockchain market and was wondering if you could answer a few questions:

  1. The recent Chinese blockchain legislation (https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/22/18008640/china-blockchain-registration-government-id) seem to threaten blockchain privacy as well as imply that China will only allow private chains and not public chains (https://www.longhash.com/news/china-tries-to-control-the-internet-can-it-control-blockchain-too)

Article 8: The blockchain information service provider is responsible for implementing information security and management measures, including hiring competent information control professionals in number and with skills corresponding to the scale of services, and establishing and improving management systems such as user registration, information audits, emergency response systems, and security protections.

Blockchain is essentially a decentralized platform. Otherwise, it cannot be regarded as a pure blockchain system, at least not a public chain platform. This provision is basically equivalent to banning all public chain platforms.

If so, then what is the future of NEM in China?

  1. What is the footprint of NEM like in China? Do people know us? Are there projects there? I know there was a crackdown a while back but am curious to know what it’s like now. What can we do to make an impact in what could potentially be the biggest blockchain market in the world?

Thanks so much for your post, really think the idea of a developer summit and keeping user loyalty is a good step in the right direction.


Thanks for your message and for helping me. I hope to have more interaction and cooperation with Australia in the future.


First of all, thank you for your question. In fact, China is more advocating blockchain without coin or token technology. Therefore, the development of public chain technology may be affected, but private blockchain and alliance blockchain technology can be used in many industries.

NEM’s development in China did not meet expectations due to internal and Chinese policies. However, there are still many people in the Chinese community who are optimistic about NEM technology. NEM has projects in China and expects to see more NEM-based projects in 2019. If you are interested, you can continue to follow me.

Thank you


Thanks for your support


Yes, I manage my supernodes by myself