How do I find out more about a transaction?


I recently transferred 6 992 XEM to another address, but I cant find out where they are or what happened.

Transaction looks like this:


Message ooJATtNg
Block 2959391
Hash 5cf575a871798012d0030af0c1e3c23d557db6c6918accbbf701b6bb3ddecd3d

How do i find my XEM again?! pls help

the XEM have been received at the address. Are you sure that the message was correct?
Since it appears to be an exchange, you will not be credited the amount otherwise.

I can see its SpectroCoin, and I found the money.

Now im trying to transfer all of my XEM to my wallet. But i opted in a few minutes ago, with 7 xem in my wallet (with the new desktop wallet). If i receive my last XEM so i have 10000 xem in my desktop wallet, will i then have all XEM opted in at Mainnet Launch at 29th february?

… will i then have all XEM opted in at Mainnet Launch at 29th february?

But my Opt in from desktop was done with 7 xem, and not with the 10000 incoming to wallet. Will nothing be snapchotted before mainnet launch?

Mainnet launch date wasn’t announced yet. For sure it will be not 29th February because such day doesn’t exists this year.
Important is balance at snapshot block, so you can send more before snapshot and you will receive more XYM.

Ok. Last question. How come my transaction of 1 XEM from SpectroCoin with message Test, came through within 2-3 minutes, but my transfer of 10.000 XEM right after, hasen’t been transferred to my desktop wallet yet? How large is the time difference vs. small and large transactions?

From blockchain perspective there is no difference.
Maybe for bigger amount there is additional verification on Spectrocoin before they announce transaction?

And what happens to the COMSA:CMS tokens?

Nothing really. Coins should be in your wallet.
Regarding project, it’s on hold as far as I know. No idea if it will be reactivated.