How do you see the future of nem in the long time

My question is very easy.
How do you see the future of nem in the long time?, the question is because i am very interested in to invest in this cryptocurrency, because the price in this moment is very low, and i have thought what could give me very good long term profits.

I would like to know your opinion
thank you very much

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In fact, I am very worried about the future of NEM.

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is start catapult este año we can grown , but if catapult failed this 2019 we go to the deep and forget

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Yes ido.

we need answer from nem foundation

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If it is Q1 of 2020 it will be fine. I think we good, do not worry too much. We knew that the migration to the new chain will be troublesome. Sadly we have only little info s about the decisions that are being made by the entities that decide the migration. For right now i am freaking happy about nemgraph


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In this video, at 2min:02sec, Alexandra says that the NEM Catapult roadmap plan (to launch in Q3/Q4) is based on the best current available information and the development plans of the core developers.
Let’s wait a few weeks until the public Catapult testnet will be out, help NEM to stress-test that public network and give feedback, and then hope for the proper go-live in Dec/Jan :slight_smile:

Dec/ jan 2020no is Q3 Q4 2019. People bored Wait catapult. In 24 hours it will be the annual meeting and I think it will be one of the most talked about and answered topics. I am going to ask directly and I hope for the sincere truth of the council.

what do you mean tomorrow is the annual more details please?

where these meeting take it place?

Annual General Meeting (AGM) is taking place on the 29th day of August 2019 at 7:00 pm UTC .
App zoom video, only NEMbers

any news from the meeting?

Ummm only 16 person. Alex, Laura, jeff, pedro, Anton, misha, jason… nothing interest

catapult dates test or mainnet out?

what they talk?
you had tell us here that you will ask them from catapult dates what they tell you?

Q4 this year and mainnet i think 2020( i no listen all discussion ( at my work)

when they will make official post

because nothing until now from nem foundation?
and you eddy are you happy with that news???

Finally checked in at nemgraph on this forum.
After working with the resource nemgraph, I want to say that the product is still raw, but it’s at least some kind of result.
Where can I see the number of registered users in nemgraph to understand the dynamics of the resource?
I want to say that I think the marketing policy of nem is extremely terrible and disgusting. The same news about Luxtag and other partners, just tired. The number of followers on Twitter is not growing and Youtube is also very bad. The project needs new investors.
I believe that trips to universities, academies is absolutely fruitless work in relation to the price of the coin. We need large partners, and in order for them to appear, we need a quality product and advertising. What’s happening to the coin right now is sadness.
From day to day, from week to week from month to month and from year to year we hear about the catapult, we are promised-promised and promised again to release it, and we wait and believe in it, although more than once the timing of the release of the release of the public version was broken.
I want to add, I am glad that Alex Tinsman is President and that she is contributing to the nem project, with her appearance in nem as President, it has become more organized and responsible and consistent.
I believe that at the last management it was much worse and it is certainly a disgrace.

I apologize for grammatical errors as I use a translator.


Im no happy. 1 year no happy with Nem, but i trust new goberment and president Alex.