How long does it take to sync a full NEM NIS node?

I’m currently in the process of syncing a full NEM NIS node on Linux, and I was wondering how long it would take to sync? If you can’t answer how long can you at least let me know how much hard drive space a full node requires? That way I’ll have some idea how things are coming along.

Thank you.


3624368 ./nem/nis/data
276656 ./nem/nis/logs ( nis-0.log nis-0.log.1 nis-0.log.lck nis-1.log )

3901028 ./nem/nis

~ 1,5 - 2 h ( 16 GB RAM, 8 CPU, SSD >100 GB ) Linux VPS

preinstallation : 2019-Aug-21 14:07:52 1.4G application/zip

In the end, there are even more factors on which it depends.


Thank you. That was very useful information. I have a node syncing on a VPS now. Hopefully it’ll all work out.

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