How much reward from harvesting on a average VPS?

Supose I set up a VPS with 1GB ram for XEM remote harvesting. How much reward do you think I can expect? Will it cover my VPS cost?

No, with only harvesting it will not cover your vps cost. But if you participate in the node rewards program with that node, then it should be enough to cover your costs.
Link to the node rewards program:

If the reward programm starts, there will be a lot more blocks with fee. But i can’t guessing how much and no one can predict if it will enough :slight_smile:

No, the transactions are already going out to the supernodes, just the amount is set to zero at the moment. So there will not be more transactions.

You say remote harvesting will not cover VPS costs but how much can I expect to get? There are cheap VPS these days.

To start a supernode I have to buy XEM/NEM for about 10 BTC in current value as I have understood it.

That depends to a big part on how many xem your account has since that influences the probability of harvesting a block. I think with 1M xem you won’t be harvesting more than 1xem / day on average.