How to Auto-Boot Your Node and Auto-Harvest


After nis.bootKey = it is VERY IMPORTANT at this point to only use your delegated harvesting private key, and not your regular private key. 

(quoted from the tutorial)

I have a slight pet peeve with calling the main wallet address the "Public key/Private key" - as this is likely going to be easily confused with the private key people enter to access their wallets.

I've always refereed to the wallet address as, well, the wallet address. I know the technical term may be public key or private key but for newcomers i can see this leading to serious confusion and/or loss of funds quite easily.

Not taking a dig at this tutorial btw, i really appreciate it myself as i have wondered how to set it up -- i just thought i'd express this concern I have as i can see it being an issue in the future.

I understand the problem, although I think it is not helping if we stop using the right terms now because it is hard for newbies…
The only solution I can see is make a new tutorial where we explain all the terms. The wallet password is not a private key. A public key is not an address. A wallet is not an account… etc. Many problems like this…