How to create a music app?

And I’m talking about streaming app like Spotify. The legal issues aren’t issues. The problem is in development aspect. Where can I hire a good team for the task?

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Hi @twocities, thank you for visiting NEM, may I ask if you are going to develop an application on top of NEM Blockchain?

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Hi @iamNEMonic.
I’m considering it. Do you think it’s a great idea?

Hello @twocities, it’s very great idea to develop an application on NEM Blockchain, however, as what @thugsforlife said, there are legal problems to be considered in music industries where there are lot of copyrights issues, also some patent issues. May I also ask what is your use case for creating music app? like what is your purpose if you want to create an app for music?

It’s a good idea but like everyone said the issue is ensuring payments are made to the owners of the music either via a licensing organization such as BMI, ASCAP or directly to the artist. One idea would be to get indies on the platform and cut all the middlemen if they own the rights to their music.

I have native (ios/android) apps and a backend for uploading the music that could be used as an MVP for your project. In-app purchases in the app could be changed to integrate with NEM APIs.

Hi @twocities
I ran into the exact same issues as you a few years back when I created my own music platform (a sort of My Major Company, if you’re familiar with it, but with a lot less funding!)
The idea behind it was to promote indies / up-and-coming artists, because as it’s been said, copyright and patent issues are a huge mess to deal with, and you’d better have a good lawyer working this out for you, especially when your platform seeks to have international exposure.
So, getting back to indies, those are great because they’re usually very flexible and eager to get involved, but if you’re into making money with your platform, you need to take into account the marketing/promotion you’re gonna have to pay for each artist, take into account how much traction you can realistically achieve on your platform given your budget, and most importantly how ready are people to actually purchase material from “unknown” artists (no matter how good their music is…)
What I mean to say is that even if you’re dealing with indies, your platform will still require some major funding in order to overcome all these obstacles and hopefully be profitable, at some point.
Always happy to share more on this with you…