How to earn 20% bigger on delegated harvesting Symbol (XYM)?

  1. Copy/paste the full addres (
  2. Wait harvesting blocks and receive bonuses from node + 25 XYM per block in May; +20 XYM per block in June; 15 XYM per block in July; 10 XYM per block in August; 5 XYM per block in September; November start new program;

You need better math: 128 + 25 is not 40% bigger than 128. :smiley:

We’ll fix it right now))

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Running a similar rewards program - feel free to use the python script I put together to track blocks harvested and rewards due - at the bottom of my thread: ***85% XYM kickback on first 50 blocks!*** - then 20% node reward kickback

Uses API calls and a local txt database - prompts to refresh (not automated) so you can check for newly harvested blocks when you have a chance to pay them out… Makes it much easier to manage a node like this :slight_smile:

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