How to import the database file uploaded to "" by devs

If you have freshly downloaded the client and have not run it yet, skip to step 7. if you have already run the client then you will need to do the steps 1-6 before proceeding.

1) Enter file explorer and go to computer(i click acer, same thing) then enter "users" as shown below.

2) Enter <YourUserName> folder

3) Enter "Nem" folder

4) Enter "Nis" Folder

5) Enter "Data" folder

6) Delete the "nis5.h2" file.

7) Go to "" and download: "" as seen below.

8) unzip the folder/file you just downloaded as seen below (right click the folder and select "extract all" and a box like in the second image below should appear.

9) once extracted, locate the extracted item

9) drag the new "nis5.h2" file over to the folder "C:\Users&lt;YourUserName>\nem\nis\data" as seen below.

You can now close the file explorer and boot up the client. you should be caught up most of the way now, and should only need to wait a fraction of the time to catch up.