HOW to Increase NEM adoption exponentialy + FAST

HOW to Increase NEM adoption exponentialy?
if you have and idea please share
NEM have great potential however lacks of creativity and public usage

hereby my input to the team, that already works on several projects too…

  1. announce and encourage “Build Challenge” such as exchange market UI, wallets, games, etc and rewarded xxxx NEM
  2. announce Grants for longterm project that showing results, after several milestones in few months/years.
  3. giveaway very small amount such as 1usd-5usd to facebook users that claims / if necessary give jobs such as tweeting, etc
  4. adopt community ideas or projects as nem progress

any other ideas?

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Only thing that will increase adoption is real use case that is better then the competition.
TRON is #11 and they are the biggest joke in the blockchain space and yet we are #21 so, I guess the joke is on us. And yes market cap isn’t what decides whats good but in a way it does. Market is voting every day and it is saying TRON is 3x the value of NEM. Nothing is more sad than that fact.

Giveaway = marketing and we have nothing special to market.

Catapult + Partnerships = Adoption ( probably the only legit way to go)

We tried the Grants for long term projects: all seem to have been a waste of money. I don’t know a single one that has succeeded, please correct me if I am wrong.
Games ? what ever happened to Xarcade?
I do think an easy way to get recognition is via gambling as EOS has done with blackjack and other card games. It creates transactions and users. Augur prediction app on ETH seems like a good idea but they failed to get usage/volume.
There is an obvious market fit with blockchain + gaming but no one has done it right yet. There is an opportunity here.