How to instal standalon version on Windows

tgz files are used in Linux you can extract this with 7zip I think you have to extract twice because first time 7zip just change format of the package. I use another extractor IZArc who extract in one step.
After extracting you have folder named package - inside there are 2 folders NCC and NIS. Inside these folders are files. You can edit these files and make some changes for example I change database and wallet to be in D:/nem folder. Before this I make nem folder on disk D:/nem  and extract package inside. Parameter is nem.folder = D:/nem in NIS and NCC
I have 2 accounts and like to havest with both of them so I fix in NIS nis.unlockedLimit = 2. after this i change nis.delayBlockLoading = true
I like to use less memory and I edit with Notepad++ runNIS.bat and make this cahnges to it :
<br />pushd nis<br />java -Xms512M -Xmx768M -cp &quot;.;./*;../libs/*&quot; org.nem.core.deploy.CommonStarter<br />popd
After this I make shortcut to the desktop of runNCC.bat and runNIS.bat. Start application from this shortcut and then start web browser at after NCC is ready and then save link as file on the desktop for next start.
After this I change Icon of boot shortcuts to the Nem Icon.
You can find database in D:/nem/nis/data and wallet in D:/nem/ncc. I just copy wallet and database from web client and overwrite this for standalon client so I have two clients web and standalon with the same wallet and start them one by one.
When coming new version I just delete only package file and make again changes in new one like I describe up.
Shortcuts I don't change because package files are in the same place like before.

So in newest versions there in the package have mon folder inside in this folder have file.I edit this file with Notepad++ and make changes nem.folder = D:/nem also nis.vmOptions = -Xms512M -Xmx768M
Afer this I make shortcut to desktop of runMon.bat and change him icon so now i can start monitor and hi start everything for me.

7zip doesn't really need to extract twice it just goes one "layer" deeper like it was in a subfolder. First you go into the "gz" layer and then into the "tar" layer. You can browser very comfortably in packages with 7z imho.

PS: I edited your post for readability. Hope you don't mind. I just formated in differently. I didn't change the meaning or anything.

Thank you patmast3r I colored some important thing to be more readable.