How to make your XEMs inheritable when you pass on? Introducing NEMWill - the 1st Will Writing on NEM Smart Asset Blockchain

NEMWill is the 1st will writing platform built on NEM Smart Asset Blockchain which enables anyone to develop his or her own will seamlessly. It is the 1st will writing platform which includes crypto assets as one key element of the wealth preservation and asset distribution.

  • Without a will, a person dies intestate which means that their estate will have to undergo Letters of Administration and will be distributed according to the respective country’s law of distribution.
  • More than 1 in 2 persons do not have a will which means their estate will not be distributed according to their wishes. And it generally takes much longer (from 18 to 24 months from death) for their estate to be distributed to their heirs.
  • It means that your XEMs and other cryptocurrencies may not be transferred or inheritable to your loved ones (or your beneficiaries) without a proper will in place.
  • NEMWill is designed to solve a real world issue which matters to the NEM and crypto communities.
  • NEMWill is brought to you by seasoned entrepreneurs and former bankers who are based at Australia, South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam) and Europe (Italy).
  • Founders have more than 50 years of banking, insurance and IT experience in leading multi-national companies namely Allianz, Standard Chartered, Citibank, HSBC and the World Bank Group.
  • Founders have been awarded Forbes 30 under 30.
  • Strong advocate of NEM.

NEMWill is currently in discussion with leading insurers, reinsurers, legal firms and many more to commercially roll out NEMWill.

We have proven that the NEM Smart Asset Blockchain has all the features required to enhance the traditional will writing industry and we are committed to act as a catalyst to encourage more adoption of NEM technology in the multi-billion dollar will writing industry. The NEM Smart Asset Blockchain requires more real world use cases to showcase its superiority and efficiency as a business-friendly smart asset platform.

NEMWill is not a concept but a working product in the Alpha version. This post is about further developing a scalable and impact-driven solution to protect the future of your loved ones with an executable will.

NEMWill is actively looking for collaboration and expansion opportunities. We are also in the midst of applying NEM Community Fund and we hope to get your support, feedbacks and ideas to make this initiative a successful one. Join us at for more discussion!