How to receive XEM from an Exchange into your Nanowallet simple wallet?

I installed a Nanowallet Simple wallet but I cannot find how to receive XEM on my account and I’m not sure what my receive address is because It’s not mentioned. In the dashboard and in the send and receive tutorial is only explained how to send but not how to receive. Very complicated and very confusing. Can somebody please explain me where I can find my receive address for my Nanowallet? I want to buy some XEM on an Exchange and let it receive on my Nanowallet. But I want to be sure on which address I can receive, cause I don’t want to loose my coins.

As here under in the user guide documentation “General Information NanoWallet Send and Receive” there is only explained how to send but not how to receive.

Hi, please look at the upper right corner and click at “Account:Primary”. Then you can see your Account information with your Account “Address” ( the same like under receive).
But the first thing you should do is a backup from your nano wallet and private Key, after that you can send your XEM into your Nano Wallet.

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Ok Garm, thanks for the reply. Then after I received my XEM should I backup the private key and backup the wallet again?
Or is the old backup still good to recover in case off loss? Should I make a backup of the private key and the wallet everytime I’ve received some XEM?

Private key gives you access to account. All informations about this how is your balance and all transactions are stored in blockchain which is in NEM network. When you run nanowallet he connects to node and shows balance.
That’s why you need backup your private key and wlt file+password only once (best time is before first transfer). Please keep backup in couple places for security.
Thank you

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Ok thanks Pawelm. Thats clear to me now. So It’s easy to access my XEM on any place in the world where I can access the internet. I only have to bring NanoWallet on a USB stick and my private key and wlt file+password.

Yes. Exactly. And computer free of viruses :slight_smile: