How to recover from wrong block condition

Hi, there.
I’m trying to launch a node on TESTNET.
But synchronizing process is hanging with an error below:

node            | 2021-08-24 13:17:49.006221 0x00007fb89ffff700: <error> (io::[email protected]) 
Throwing exception: cannot load block element at height (133200) greater than chain height (133086)

I cleared my target folder 3 or more time but stop at approximately the same height.
And I noticed that various nodes are exist in TESTNET.

My questions are:
(1) Can I limit the target node for synchronizing process?
I guess if I can limit the targets for synchronizing process only in preset nodes, the process may finish smoothly.
(2) Can I recover this condition without clear the target folder? (It means to be nemesis condition)

I’m very new for symbol, crypto-networks.
So I’m sorry if my question is not on a good point.