How to reflect and check the changes of with and without symbol-bootstrap

How do I reflect the settings stored in the file, such as maxUnlockedAccounts or delegatePrioritizationPolicy, to the production environment?
After that, how can I check if it was reflected correctly?

And, if I restart Docker or restart the server after modifying the file, will the above configuration changes be reflected without using the smbol-bootstrap command?

You should be able set it in your preset and upgrade using --upgrade command. DId you tried?

Yes, I tried the command but I couldn’t see the updated values in the report file generated by “symbol-bootstrap report” command.

Only thing should be change in your custom preset and next do upgrade. You can check upgrade instruction here:

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[Solved] I had changed the directly instead of a preset file. So the new values in the properties file were overwritten by the preset ones. Thanks.

For me, it works only using changing in my custom preset:

assembly: dual
preset: mainnet
voting: false
friendlyName: cryptobeliever.node (max harv. 50)
maxUnlockedAccounts: 50

And next start with upgrade:

symbol-bootstrap start -p mainnet -a dual -c custom-preset.yml --upgrade -d