How to run NEM node


I have been devloping a traden and exchange platform where I have no of cryptocurrencies. I would like to add NEM too in my platform. I could not find any documentation to how to run a node in jsonrpc mode or any other apis I need following functionalties for NEM.
1. Create new address 2. get balance of an address 3. send balance to another address 4. export/import privatekey

could you please let me know any possibiliities of doing these requirements?

And also let me if there is testent faucet and explorer to test on my platform
Thanks in advance.



Regarding running a node you should look here:
You need to run NIS which is a NEM node.

Regarding APIs: For Creating new addresses For sending transactions (beware of two types of transactions: V1 and V2) For getting the acccount info, balance included.
For this query you don’t even need your own node (safety reasons), for example you can use it on other node:

Testnet, all inormation you can find in the video below:

Oh and testnet explorer here:


This good


One more testnet faucet here:


Hye guys, sorry I am new to nem. Do you guys know how to run NIS through proxy server connection?