How to Run Symbol Node - Docker Desktop Windows 10

You can access the video tutorial from the link below.


Thank you for your guide, is there any chance of you providing one for a Symbol Supernode?

Hi When setting up a node using these directions, does -
'rm plain-addresses.ym’l protect/hide the nodes private keys?

Basically I want to setup a node as securely as possible, and obviously don’t want it compromised in any way.

I did come across this webpage -

and wondered if I should implement any of those commands for further safety?

Advice appreciated

With the rm command, we delete the file containing plain addresses. I always do delegate harvesting. In this way, I will be protected against any security weakness (very small possibility) that may occur in the node.

Thanks for replying
So do you delegate harvest via the Symbol wallet, and select a random node?
Apolgies for the questions, I am still learning!

I’m doing delegate harvesting on the node I built myself.

In this way, both my xym balance is safe and I win the node fee rewards.

Don’t hesitate ask qs. That’s why this forum exist :+1:

Ahh ok so…
Once I setup the Symbol Node using your guide, I delegate harvest via there?

Would you mind pointing me in the direction into what commands are needed to do this
many thanks

Sure, first complete installation

Hi been working - hence the delay
Ok, I have setup the node following the directions It is currently catching up on the chain, and displays on ‘Symbol Block Explorer’ so all good.
I did have to stop WSL2 using up ALL my ram, via a config file (googled it)!
Anyway, I think it will be another hour or so until my node catches up to date, and would appreciate your guidance re: the delegating harvest, when you are available.
No hurry :slight_smile:

Instead of connecting to the main public network, you can securely test connecting to Symbol’s network by connecting to the test network (testnet) (mainnet). However, because Testnet is heavily utilized for testing, it may be taken offline or changed without warning. Install a local network for learning and development alternatively to work in a private environment network.