How to turn delegated harvesting from ncc tot nano wallet

Hi there,

I have some questions about the delegated harvesting.
At the moment i’m harvesting delegated in de ncc account.

Now i have dowloaded the nano wallet en exported my account. So far no problem.
I find the tab for delegated harvesting. But i can’t figure out what to do.

So if anybody is so good to help me, that would be wonderful.

Hi All,

Got the same problem, move from NCC to Nano, My Remote Status shows ACTIVE,
enter pw and select same node (or any others nodes) to Harvest and press Start…

Always got the same non-comprehensible answer
Error at unlocking account, reason: remote attempted to call local /account/unlock with non-remote address XXX which is not the same as my old one …

My NCC is still currently remotely Harvesting until i figure this out, or should I stop it first (already try, same problem) or Have to wait, after stopping NCC, about 6h, for new remote account to be recognized…


Any idea would be welcome.


(*) You can also deactivate from Nano by clicking the “Use a custom public key” checkbox and using the public key of the remote account to deactivate.


That mean that Have to desactivate Old Public Key for 6 XEM and Activate new Nano Public key for 6 XEM ?
even if Remote Status from Harvesting panel already mention that your remote status is active ?

Please advice
Thank you

can someone answer that last question please? thank you

The wallet systems in Nano and NCC are completely different how they come up with delegated harvesting accounts. So switching from delegated harvesting from NCC to Nano, you will be deactivating and reactivating harvesting.

Delegated harvesting is designed to be very secure, and do what it does well, which is let a person safely harvest, but in doing so, the switch over from NCC to NanoWallet, in this aspect and in some others is a bit of painful for some users, but in the long run it will produce a better platform for new users.

I have a problem to restart the delegated harvesting from Nanowallet.
Stacked with Remote status REMOTE.

  • I was using NCC, delegated harvesting was active. I have exported the wallet to Nanowallet.
    It seemd good so far.
  • Next, I Deactivated the old remote account from Nanowallet.
    I checked “Use a custom public key” and put in the key which was shown at “Delegated account public key” in the NCC. I hope this was correct.
  • Now, after 5 days, trying to activate from Nano with the new public key but I get this error:
    Sending XEM from both NCC/Nano give also error (NCC: ERROR 1266), so I am stacked in that situation.

In Nanowallet, the Remote status is REMOTE.
Does it mean that it is not yet deactivated?
But in NCC it seems that the delegated harvesting had been stopped and the deactivation transaction already got 6354 confirmations (TechRef says it needs 360).
Could someone please give me some advice how to move on from this situation to restart delegated harvesting with Nano and/or make it correct so that I can send XEM again?

Thenk you


If status is REMOTE it means you are logged into the remote account and not the actual account that is supposed to use the remote account to harvest.

The remote is the special account supposed to forward harvesting earnings to your account.

From docs:

“REMOTE”: The account is a remote account and therefore remoteStatus is not applicable for it.

“ACTIVATING”: The account has activated remote harvesting but it is not yet active.

“ACTIVE”: The account has activated remote harvesting and remote harvesting is active.

“DEACTIVATING”: The account has deactivated remote harvesting but remote harvesting is still active.

“INACTIVE”: The account has inactive remote harvesting, or it has deactivated remote harvesting and deactivation is operational.

If you were in the right account you should see one of the above but not REMOTE.

Unless maybe you used the wrong public key but I think it is not possible for an account with balance > 0 XEM to be a remote.

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Dear @Quantum_Mechanics

I really appreciate your reply. I understood the situation.
I think I might have used the wrong public key to deactivate, and it seems that my account turned(?) to a REMOTE account. (is it possible?)
My deactivation transaction on the Blockchain Explorer v3 shows that I have sent the 6 XEM from my account to the same account address it self, but not to the remote. Probably this was the wrong point.
Now the status of my account with all balance on it stays REMOTE, and it is neither able to send the activation importance transaction nor send XEM to another account.
I tried to create a new account and imported the private key but the situation was the same.
What should I do to revert the account to a normal status (meaning non REMOTE)?
Or is there a method somehow to rescue my balance on the account?
Thank you

What is the address of you main account?

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ok, confirmed that there is a problem. Will be fixed in next release.


Side question- if using Nano Wallaet. Does the vesting process begin before or after the 6 XEM have been sent to the remote?
I am asking because the Delgating Harvesting in Nano said “deactivated”. I then paid 6 XEM- now it says ACTIVATING- but there is no vested balance showing yet.

Should I be waiting for the vested amount to automatically change- or do I have to pay the 6 XEM for that vesting process to begin. Hope that makes sense.
I do have over 10,000 XEM in wallet. Thanks if you can help.


Wait until status says ACTIVE (takes 6 hours after activation) and you will see harvesting control buttons at the bottom of the right panel.

You can then start harvesting by typing your password, selecting a node with free slots and click on the start button.

Im assuming I pay the 6 XEm- wait 6 hrs then I will see Active buttons for harvesting- is this the order?

Vesting of your balance is done automatically, totally independent of delegated harvesting.