How to use Rest Api?

I want to use XYM Rest API to get a balance of any address … from where I can get that api link and Endpoints for that !

The following documentation shows you all available API endpoints: Endpoints - Symbol Developers
More information on how to use the API: REST Gateway — Symbol Documentation

You can send requests to all available API nodes (have a look at the nodes section in the Symbol Block Explorer to see available nodes).

So for example to get information on a specific account you’d send a request to a node of your choosing like this:


NDS2WNRTH53LIVX43ZSAQQDVALZJBJTMKERJSD : this is my address and not getting any responce on this .

It looks like your address has a wrong format. Is there a missing character?

To elaborate a bit on this… I’ve noticed that all responses from the API encode the resulting address in a format that isn’t desktop wallet friendly…

I.e. the response from is:

How can one translate the address value ‘68258605CB5ABC592FE691190202CDFD6DDEE659A6BB30B8’ back to ‘NASYMBOLLK6FSL7GSEMQEAWN7VW55ZSZU25TBOA’?

Quick follow-up… I bolded the account balance output from the example provided by @thomasoehri - note that it is in satoshis (divide by 1,000,000 to get user-friendly balance) –

Also build functions in python (3.7.6) to convert between hex and base32 addresses (i.e. ‘68258605CB5ABC592FE691190202CDFD6DDEE659A6BB30B8’ to ‘NASYMBOLLK6FSL7GSEMQEAWN7VW55ZSZU25TBOA’)

import base64

def hexToAddress(hexKey):
    return base64.b32encode(bytes.fromhex(hexKey)).decode("utf-8").replace("=","")

def addresstoHex(address):
    return bytes.hex(base64.b32decode(address))
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It is strongly suggested NOT to use REST layer directly.
Please consider using TS sdk instead.

(well, depends if you’re developing something or if it’s just for your own needs).