How to use Tipbot on Slack

There are many commands you can use for the Tipbot on Slack. These include the following: tip, send, balance, withdraw, and deposit. But only the tip and send commands can be used in the red team chat.

  • tip: tell the bot to tip to someone by typing “tip @gimre amount”, omitting amount will use 10 XEM

  • send: tell the bot to send coins to someone by typing “send @gimre amount", omitting amount will use 10 XEM

The rest of the commands can be used in a private conversation with the user ircbot. To find the ircbot, go to your user list in the Direct Messages.

  • balance: ask the ircbot for your current balance by typing “balance”.

  • withdraw: tell the ircbot to withdraw to an address by typing “withdraw YOUR-NEM-ADDRESS amount”, omitting amount will cause all the funds to be withdrawn.

  • deposit: go to the ircbot and tell it “deposit”. It will give you your NEM address.

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