HOWTo XFR from opt-in to seed

Good afternoon.

I did opt in successfully from NEM to XYM and have installed the Symbol wallet on my laptop.

Now it tells me that I should move my funds from the opt-in account to the seed account but I could not find any explanation how this works. There is no option to send from my opt-on account, only from my seed account which has zero balance.

Likewise, I cannot send funds from my NEM wallet to my XYM wallet. The send to address always stays in red color.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Please help, im forget to the private key my xym wallet?

Since you have the desktop XYM wallet do this.

Go to accounts. You will have one seed account ( you picked this when you fired up the XYM wallet the first time for the opt in drop) Copy that address.

Have the opt in account selected from accounts, then go back to home, this makes the opt in the account you are USING. It should show your XYM Balance there.

About dead center of the screen you will see ^Send. Click this, it will have your opt in seed account 1 as the from account, enter your copied NEW seed account address into the To section.

Add a test message if you like, send a small amount to test, then repeat the process and send the rest over to the seed account.

you will see green bars in the upper right hand corner saying you started a transaction, go back to accounts, choose the new seed account and go back to home, watch for the green bars there.

Click the Exploer on the top bar on the right, click transfers and you can watch your wallet show up and process the transaction.

I hope that helped. I’m stepping off for a bit so I wont be here for replies for a bit.


You cannot send NEM to XYM, they are different chains

You’re right, I thought he was sending within XYM to a new seed address. XYM to NEM is not possible, its a different currency.

This is the procedure that I followed and it worked exactly as described. Just remember that you are doing all of this within the Symbol desktop wallet. You are “sending” your XYM from the opt-in folder to your seeded folder that you created during the Symbol desktop wallet set up process.

Thanks gents for description of these steps, I’ll plan to play with Symbol desktop wallet in the next few days, so I appreciate this guide!

Just a question – is it really necessary to move (everything) from opt-in address into the “final seed one” ? So, it’s not possible (or it’s not recommended?) to use opt-in address as the “main one” in the (desktop) wallet ? Is there any (security / technical / whatever) difference between opt-in and “normal” XYM addresses ?

Thanks in advance!

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One assumption that I have made is that the seeded folder has to be more secure based purely on the size of the 24 word Passphrase that is as long as 150 characters in length. It also makes sense that the mosaic containing your assets should have been newly generated within the Symbol Blockchain. It just seems mathematically tidier.

Good evening.

It worked exactly as explained. Thank you very much. A small amount is left on the opt-on account, smaller than the minimum amount for transfer and transferring without paying a fee does not seem to work.
I also understand that I have to change my XEMs via a site like Poloniex to XYM and then move them to my Symbol wallet. I thought there might be an option for direct transfer like the opt-in but there is not and that is just fine.

Thanks again for your help.


One more thing. It is not fully available on Poloniex yet but I hope it will be soon.


Ok, thanks, that does make a sense (even if opt-in account is secured by 24 word passphrase as well). I’ll do the “switch” from opt-in to the “Seed account 1”, it looks straightforward and clear.

One more question – I’d like to set up my own node (that I already and successfully set up before) for use in Symbol desktop wallet. I suppose it’s necessary to do in Settings → Network Settings . But I see there “List of nodes (35)”, one of them (ngl-dual-002…) has been automatically selected during the Wallet start. I’m able to write down my own node into “Node Url” row, but button “Add node” is still gray after that. And also, it’s impossible to change “Network Type” and “Generation Hash” rows. Doing I’m wrong something ? Thanks again!

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I’ve never held enough XEM to harvest, might be worth looking into other posts or starting one if you have not done that yet. Good luck~

Thank you for an excellent question. I am having a similar issue with nodes, delegating and harvesting, and I don’t know the correct answer. At this point, I am taking it slow and waiting for the Symbol Blockchain to settle and do its thing. I suggest that you create a separate posting just with the question, and hopelly someone with the answer will see it and give you the right answer.