I am new here, would like to say hi

Hi everyone, my name is Shawn and I was sent here by a friend. I am a very new trader but have a decent knowledge on how stocks work. Still fairly new with all crypto’s. Any advice would be great for a newb like me. I hope to meet some cool peeps here and make friends. I also hope we all make $ :slight_smile:

I am thinking of investing in XEM and would like to get the returns on my XEM so I was told I needed to set up a VPS. Any help with that would be appreciated.

Or if you could send me in the right direction, like beginners guide or something like that. It would be very much appreciated


Hi Shawn, a vps only brings in money if you let the vps participate in the node rewards program:

Other from that you can buy xem at exchanges like poloniex and then trade it against other crypto currencies.
But i have no experience in trading at all, so i am no help with respect to that.

Ok so that is what I am planning to do invest in XEM, and hold. Would like to partake in the rewards program. I was told I needed to set something up to receive the vps or bonus and needed help with that.


For supernodes you can have a look here: NEM Supernode Rewards Program

Thank you Xpedite, much appreciated. Also is there a forum rules section hehe

Oh I see, so I would need 3,000,000 XEm just to start? Isnt that almost 10btc???

Hey Scorpio,
yes you need a deposit of minimum 3 million xem in your wallet to be eligible for a guaranteed payout.
Read a bit about NEM and whats happening in the nemiverse and you will see that this is quiet a project with a good future.
There is a news archive for NEM related news that you can find at nemflash.com.

Other possibility would be to just do harvesting, where the minimum is 10k (more because it need to be vested and you cant vest 10k to 10k vested). But there is no guaranteed payout, just the tx you get from the network.

Thanx Brian, I am very interested in this whole program. Very Intrigued! However currently I do not have close to those kind of funds available. Currently I am a very small invester, trader, gambler and only invest what I can afford to lose which isnt much. My entire portfolio is quite small atm but have very high hopes, goals and plans. I started from nothing and have about .1 btc in a month on cryptos.

Im glad about every person I can fascinate for NEM. If you have any questions, pls just inform yourself or ask if you can´t get further. We also have a very strong community, especially represented on Telegram.
I hope you feel good in here and learn a lot! :slight_smile:

Im also organizing the PCG, if you have a correct guess in the third, or later, round you can get 1000xem just for posting the correct answer with the NEM client. :slight_smile:

You can always help with finding some bugs to earn XEM. NEM Mobile App: Open Beta and up to Bug Bounty Paid in XEM. Testing Mainnet Release

I’ve been where you are. If you don’t have much money to spend on crypto, you can always help out in some way or another, and earn some crypto.

What are your skills?

Im good with trading crypto, stacking, some mining, n dice I can win. Also have other avenues of making btc just not the funds to make nice profits. I am willing to work from home be trained whatever it takes I will do. Also great with Adobe photoshop, video editing, some securities etc. I’ve been on computers since 8 n grew up on me. Will work lol

Come join telegram- https://t.me/nemred. Plenty to discuss over there. Can you make some NEM related videos?

I actually could do that! We would have to speak in person so we can get on
the same page of what your looking for. And discuss like what your looking
for as far as are u looking for like commercials, short videos,
advertisement, or more animated cool looking advertisement banners and

I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 mostly but use other programs to.

Best Regards,
Shawn Valentine