I am New .. How do I see My Symbol

Also … is this the right way to ask these questions ?

I just need to know …

I have my Symbol Address… and My verified Opt in info … but will it be visible in the NEM wallet ? Help …

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There is new wallet for Symbol. But mainnet is not launched yet. What you want verify?

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I thought I’d see a balance of coins like I see in my NEM wallet … my symbol Wallet just says I’m opted in and shows me the NEM wallet I am using and and addresses for my symbol …

I guess that is coming later ?

after the snap shot and main net launch of symbol you will have equivalent XYM amount to your nem
This hasn’t happened yet January launch was delayed to FEbruary

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Thanks for the update… I thought I missed a step . Lol … I’ll look for all the changes in February…

Hi, I have a problem - I moved XEM to NEM Mobile Wallet account and I opted in for Symbol in 2nd week of Feb.
Then, I transferred XEM to Binance and sold it on 21st Feb. On 11 March I repurchased XEM and transferred to the same account. I did not opt in again - Symbol app displayed that the account has already opted in despite the fact that I withdrew originally deposited XEM and later deposited another purchase. I hope the changes in XEM tokens on the account that opted in did not disturb the snap shot.
I had my XEM deposited on this account at the snap shot and there are still there.

I hoped to see there XYM tokens as well but they are not there. When I want to enter my mobile Symbol app used for the opt in, it says “Opt in has finished. You should update your app to get the latest news”. But there is no instruction how to update.

I do not have any keys other than the one in my Nem mobile wallet. Please walk me through the process of getting my XYM tokens. Thanks for help.

I have got my XYM in Symbol wallet. First there was only Seed account with 0, but then I found Opt in account. But there is a yellow triangle with exclamation mark within near to the name of account. What does it mean?

It’s only warning that it was generated using old derivation. You can move to main account or leave it in your old account. There is no security issue.

You should have mnemonic (24 words) from Symbol app.
What’s your NEM address?

Hi I Opted in on my XEM desktop wallet also back a few months and have a symbol address and Mnemonic 24word phrase. I just downloaded the symbol wallet and started the process to restore my symbol tokens but when I go through the process I enter in the Mnemonic phrase but then the corresponding address doesn’t appear and all the 10 accounts have 0 in the balance. Please help, what do I do??

@Skippa what’s your NEM address?


@Skippa as I can see you did not complated optin:

There is no optin tranaction.

If you did not opted-in before launch and had a balance at snapshot block so you will be able to claim post-launch.
The process will be done using the NEM desktop wallet and will start in a few weeks. You will have 6 years to claim tokens.
Please follow our social media or just check again in a few weeks. Make sure that you will not lose your NEM address private key because without access to the address you will be not able claim XYM tokens.
Details and tutorials regarding post-launch opt-in will be published with a wallet with the post-launch opt-in feature.

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Hi @CryptoBeliever
Thanks for your help and reply. I’m a bit confused how I ended up with a symbol address and Mnemonic phrase when I opted in November 2020 yet it wont work still and didn’t opt me in. If I received this new wallet address for Symbol through the updated NEM wallet, what was it for?
I have my XEM on the desktop wallet on a Trezor so my p/keys are safe. I’m happy to wait, just a bit confused to what I done wrong.

Probably on end of process Trezor window was blocked and that’s why you failed to announce optin transaction.