I am new. I'm wondering if my request is possible

I’m not quite sure how feasible the thing I am asking for is, or if it’s currently possible to accomplish.

To make a long story short, I’m wondering if it’s possible to withdraw XYM through the back end from an exchange account wallet holding XYM utilizing the exchange’s API. I am the owner of the exchange account. I already created an API key, gave it withdrawal permissions, confirmed a few IPs I would be connecting from, and have all the necessary information required, including an external XYM wallet address and tag to which I was able to successfully send 100 XYM to, but through the front end user withdraw page on the exchange site.

Reason I added that last bit is because I had read from a few places that the only way to withdraw coins from the back end utilizing the API was to first successfully transfer coins to an external wallet address through the site beforehand and only that specific wallet address would be capable of accepting withdrawals through use of the exchange API.

I am asking if this request is currently possible to achieve and what would be required to do so.

I am very new to coding. A tad experience with python, postman, and with pinescript; replicated an advanced tradingview indicator but that’s about it. With that said, I will likely not know how to go about executing whatever suggestions users may have to offer here.

I would be willing to offer something for getting assistance with this, if possible.

Thank you very much in advance for the consideration.