I can't claim XYM

OS - Windows browser - Firefox
I have 3 private key with XEM inside from 2016 so today 03.16.2021 I try to claim my XYM
I import my private key in 3 different accounts and try to clime XYM from services - Symbol Opt In
So when I try to do this was message XYM is over and to update my wallet but wallet is last beta version.
Possible Solution - Perhaps this situation of importing the private keys after the day of the event is not provided by the developers.
Steps to Reproduce
1.Import the private key to one account
2.Try to claim XYM

If you did not send your optin transactions before the snapshot, you will have to wait until a new wallet version is released to send your optin transactions from. There are some changes for the post launch claims that haven’t been set yet.

Please understand, they already said it will be weeks before you will receive your XYM post launch if you did not send your optin-transaction before the snapshot

Я все отправил опт ин,а когда по факту зачислят XYM на кошелек ХЕМ?Версия кошеля 2.5.1???Кто нить в курсе когда именно будут зачислять?

I didn the opt-in before the launch and I am not able to see my XYM yet.

Hi. Pre-launch option is over.
You can claim tokens after launch too. It will start in a few weeks.