I got hacked and lost a fortune


hi guys

my original posting: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5080741.0

Date/Time Currency Amount Reference to Blockchain explorer Destination address
04.12.18 01:30 NEM 264992 https://tinyurl.com/ycr35va3 NBLI5G-ONLML2-5RY666-BQL2QS-IIMCJT-EUT5PJ-R7MF

I repost it here because of the little change that someone is able to identify the criminal who did it. The bounty for recovering funds is 10%.

Thanks guys - stay safe - hope that this shit does not happen to others


Yeah, I doubt that you will recover anything.
Pity that you kept that much value in something which may become worthless.


Sorry for your loss, next time please use hardware wallets, you could buy 2 (trezor + ledger) to hold most of your crypto for 150 USD…


small information gathered from what you posted :

which probably is an exchange address because the message payloads added are quite similar :
- 313037363930383438 translating to 107690848
- 313033343735383831 translating to 103475881

Sadly I cannot reproduce lots more currently, will have a look if anything can be tracked on other currencies if I get some time. Story is sad, whether its 10 bucks or a million… Hope you get some back!


thank you. I still have small hope. But I see lots of cases like this on bitcointalk.org. It would be great if you can help with identifying the thief or an exchange where the funds went to.


NC64UFOWRO6AVMWFV2BFX2NT6W2GURK2EOX6FFMZ is Binance exchange. Please contact with them. And provide transaction hashes. They may be able to identify thief.

Your coins were stolen 2days after you moved it to new wallet. How did you create it? What wallet version? Have someone access to private key, your computer?



good hint - I reached out to them - hope they get it in time. Thank you a lot!!

Your coins were stolen 2days after you moved it to new wallet.

I have not moved the NEM for long time. Where have you gotten that information from?


Oh sorry thought coins were stolen directly from NBLI5G-ONLML2-5RY666-BQL2QS-IIMCJT-EUT5PJ-R7MF. It’s hacker address ofc as you told.


Other lead.
This account: http://explorer.nemchina.com/#/s_account?account=NBKR53NLP4X7NDHVDCOIVG6OWN77URSTDXCXKDJR
Used same Binance message code (107690848) and also new one (102590373).

One of this Binance messages: 107690848, 103475881, 102590373 (most probably this one) may help Binance identify thief.


Binance identified the account. I cannot enforce police investigation now because its 10:43pm here. Needed to run to the police station right now to catch a police report for Binance. I hope that is enough legitimacy to block the accounts in a first step


where do I see the message code?


Just click on a transaction in the explorer … very bottom


If I look here:



Please keep personal information for police :slight_smile:
Good luck!

I guess this is all we can help you?


this was a great lead. Tomorrow I will follow up with police. Thank you so much for that. I will report in the coming days or in case how this went on.


glad you posted in the forum and this story is turning out not so bad.

do you have any idea how he got into your account?


Looking at the bitcointalk post, it looks like his system got compromised, leaking one password used for a variety of accounts.


^^ I tried to claim BCD and used accidently a scam wallet which took over my system with keylogger and RDP (most likely)


All over a shitcoin like BCD…that sux even harder.


Oh wow do take care and keep us updated. Hope Binance gets to them.