I have idea to grow the capital!

hello ,
i would like to propose the xem to my forex company ( more then 5.000 persons) but i will need some funds to do a show in nem , any suggestion or any help from peoples here to up the investors ?
NB if you give 1 NEM you can change the balance :wink:

If you want do showcase is possible to use testnet. Will be that enough or you need mainnet xem?

I will need some Xem on my wallet to give it as bonus or as gift to peoples participate on confirance and like that they will watching nem growing and qutomatically they will love to invest theire reall money that is my strategy and want if peoples here can donate even at more 1NEM from each one that will be good

I see. Maybe it fit in NEM 101 meetups? Please try:

Yes pls add me on telegram and we can discuss this further @jasonleecj. There is a group to support this too @nemmeetuporganisers

i add you , there is a message for you there , waiting to see you :wink: