I need some guidance on Symbol harvesting on my own node using main external account

I would like to setup my node following the guides by using
symbol-bootstrap like here:

and this:

In the documentation is stated that the symbol-bootstrap tool does almost everything automatically.
I mean it setups the remote harvesting automatically to start harvesting with remote account
defined in the addresses.yml file.

But i wonder what importance does this “remote” account have? I suppose 0?
So how does it starts harvesting with 0 importance?

In documentation is mentioned that node operator should use this way to harvest
but i do not understand how do i link my Main external account (created before Symbol opt-in and snapshot) which has importance with this without putting my Main account private key there?

Couldn’t I setup the node like in this guides above with beneficiary to be my Main External Address
and then delegate that same Main Account to my node by using the Desktop Wallet?
Wouldn’t this be much more safer?

I see there is also a vrf created in that addressed file but i also have one that has been generated
by the desktop wallet before the opt-in. What should i do with that?

If anyone could ELI5 to me would be really nice. :slight_smile: because I find it currently very abstract to understand. :question:

Please have a look here:

symbol-bootstrap/presetGuides.md at main · nemtech/symbol-bootstrap · GitHub … " Private Key Security Mode "