I want to transfer blockchain information to an external DB

Right now, I am trying mijin.

In order to quickly reference information from an external system,
I want to store the information on the blockchain in an external DB.

Please tell me how.

The blockchain data is saved in a h2 database. it resides in c:\users\your_user\nem\nis\data on windows and /home/your_user/nem/nis/data on nix systems. You can query the h2 database and extract data from there.

Thank you very much.
I got a db file.

That file was encrypted.
I have not added a password to the db file. Perhaps I think that mijin is encrypting it.
I want to know the password to view the contents of this file, but do you have something in mind?

Usually, I think whether to use the API when using the contents of the block chain transaction externally.
When acquiring transaction data, I am seeking a way to send it to the outside at the timing not to cover it.
If you have any idea, please let me know.

Empty user / password

Is the password for db file empty?
Even if the password is blank, it was not authenticated.
For mijin’s DB, I will ask you to Tec Bureau.
Thank you.