I will send some bitcoins to anyone who will help me out!

when i create lightwallet i got 2 address:
NDRZRAAXQNLTZCU5KEBYHBXUJ4B6TDPWX4ZVKMFE (I think this address was meant for delegated harvesting)

I withdraw 115,000 xem in total from bter.com to this address NDRZRAAXQNLTZCU5KEBYHBXUJ4B6TDPWX4ZVKMFE
instead of main address which is shown in my light wallet NBENGW-OOQNMZ-CYYKNV-Q6OZKT-JE2TMX-II2CNS-24UW

im am newbie and i didn’t understand well the difference with that 2 public and private address, please explain to me how can i get it back or transfer to my lightwallet

Someone told me that any harvested funds on that address go automatically to your main address, so the same happens with any funds sent to it, is that true? how long time it can take?

i will send some bitcoins to anyone who will help me out!

@Forma17: as the image shows, you can click on “Show RemoteAccount’s Private Key”. That will reveal the private key for your delegated account. You can add that account to your wallet and transfer the coins to your other address.

Ok and how to add that account in my lightwallet? pls give me basic tutorial and i will send you 0.03 btc!

I tit it!!!

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give my btc address!!

on the left there is a menu for adding an existing account using a private key.


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1 more question do i need to transfer now my xem to main account to start delegate harvesting?

yes, transfer it to the main account and be sure that there are no xem left on the delegated account since delegated harvesting can only be activated with an empty delegated account.
Remember to activate delegated harvesting. It needs 6 hours to get activated.

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hey even i had been facing this issue, is there any update on this?

Hi, you withdrawed to harvesting address instead main address? Please confirm, I will help you move funds to correct one.