I withdraw XYM but havent recieved it

Binance was closing the withdrawals so I was checking time to time to withdraw my XYM. I wrote my wallet adress but I couldnt write my memo/message. It was blank I was clicking but nothing was happening. Im pressing my keyboard but nothing is happening. So I thought it wasnt needed. I confirmed.

Transaction completed but I havent received my XYM. So I contacted Kucoin support and they said you did not write memo. We can fix it if you pay 30 USD. I said Binance did not let me! Im not stupid I saw the area.


I contacted binance support but Im still waiting. Can admins do something about it? Or is there a way to contact someone? What can I do? Memo/message was locked -cannot type its was blank- + I have pay 30usd now? 30usd is too much in my country…

Due to the nature of blockchain, we do not have the capability to revert a transaction that has already been successful and confirmed on blockchain.
If you have not received the funds, please contact the receiving wallet/platform customer support for further help.
Apologies for the inconvenience caused to you.
Please also note that if the receiving platform returns your tokens into Binance hot wallet, we are not able to help deposit your tokens, as XYM is not supported for deposit in Binance at the moment.

Im lost. This is all their fault and they cant do anything about it. Please help me.

Better pay 30$ afterwards just sell xym for 30$ better then losing ur xym.Do what kucoin is telling u to do there is no other way anymore.

If they send back to Binance I will go crazy. Binance does not support XYM deposits. Im not even sure if they gonna list it or not. They only support withrawal. I hope they send to my Kucoin wallet.

I am in the same position.
I sent from Binance but somehow messed up the MEMO as well.

Did the return to Binance work for you?

I am paying KuCoin the 30 $USDT and will see if the return of the XYM to Binance works.
Fingers crossed!

It will not work if they will send back to Binance. Tell them to credit to Kucoin account (if it’s possible).
If they will send back you will have write to Binance support :confused:

Dayum. Well they said they can ONLY send it BACK the way it came.
I will have to write Binance once they confirm the return.
It has been a painful experience using XYM so far lol
My fault, but the need for a MEMO code with KuCoin reallllyyy made things complicated.
Gate.io doesn’t need a MEMO for example, I should have used them

That’s why sending from exchange to exchange when memo it’s not good idea.
I suggest send always to your personal wallet.

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Can you tell me what is to be entered in memo? I can’t seem to find the valid details for it. Or is it just plain text

If you sending to exchange - memo is in deposit instruction on exchange where you send coins.
If you sending to personal wallet - memo is not needed. Only correct address.