If you encounter a red node in nanowallet


In some cases, after opening the nanowallet, connection problems can occur.
You can make this problem visible by looking at the node´s color at the top right.
If the node is red, there is no connection.
In this case, click on Node, here you can see which node is currently connected and select a new one from the list. The connection should be there again and the node green. Here is a short video, it’s supposed to illustrate process.

Switching is also if you do not see transactions. Sometimes it’s green but transactions are missing
It means not up to date data.

If there are still problems and the connection fails, check the ports.
Please check if you have any ports 7890 and 7778. Ports should be open on your computer and Internet provider, sometimes ports 7890 or / and 7778 are blocked on a vpn connection or firewall.

A somewhat older contribution to the activation of ports can be found here:

If you have further problems, contact NEM FORUM TECH SUPPORT / Nem :: Helpdesk


or / and

I wish you much success.