I'll put my vote where my mouth is


Intermediate PoI results:

Alexandra Tinsman 1.61%
Stephen Chia 0.08%

Misha Granin 1.18%
Nelson Valero 0.18%

Jason Lee 0.30%
Laura Takenaka 1.04%

Jeff McDonald 0.5238%
Anton Bosenko 0.3591%
Laura Takenaka 0.2499%
Bartlomiej “Tony” Sanak 0.2499%
Ricardo “Trikar” Medrano 0.2355%
Mark Price 0.2314%
Julian “Brain” Vettermann 0.2173%
Hiroki “Ninja” Koga 0.1875%
William Tan 0.1533%
Jason Lee 0.1122%
Manfred G von Nostitz 0.1119%
Klim Geran 0.0981%
Pedro Gutierrez 0.0885%
Hongbin “Thilon” Ma 0.0784%
Kimble Ngo 0.0474%
Steve Li 0.0339%
Mark Burbach 0.0314%
Xiangyu “Kevin” Li 0.0187%
Josia Engelbrecht 0.0160%
Alvin Chua 0.0104%
Emerson Fonseca 0.0082%


Thank you Kristof for pointing out mistake I’ve made. To make sure that those who really wait for results and are online don’t miss deadline I’ve informed via short NEM transaction message all voters from whitelist that POI vote won’t end before end of official vote. I was creating POI vote and didn’t state it in description.

Here is what whitelist addresses got from me:

**Don’t wait for results of http://bit.ly/POIvote , it won’t be over before deadline of official vote. **
**POI vote confirmed that official vote might not represent the opinion of NEM community. **
Council members who didn’t allow POI vote get a significant difference in results:

68% official
8% POI vote

Stephen Chia
47% official
3% POI vote

I hope that people don’t miss deadline waiting for results of POI vote, as of now around. I see that speed of votes that come increased and by now approximately 6 more votes came to each pool since that message was sent a few minutes ago.


As promised , I voted according to the POI vote.

Alexandra Tinsman 1.61%
Misha Granin 1.18%
Laura Takenaka 1.04%

Jeff McDonald 0.5238%
Anton Bosenko 0.3591%
Laura Takenaka 0.2499%
Bartlomiej “Tony” Sanak 0.2499%
Ricardo “Trikar” Medrano 0.2355%
Mark Price 0.2314%

So these people got my vote.
At least for Mark Price the POI vote made a difference. In the official vote he was only one vote ahead of Emerson which based on the POI vote would certainly not be a desirable outcome.

I want to thank everyone that voted in the POI vote.


Final PoI results:

Alexandra Tinsman – 2.56480%
Misha Granin – 2.23018%
Laura Takenaka – 1.53343%
Dona Rinon – 0.38109%

Jeff McDonald – 1.03785%
Mark Price – 0.62173%
Anton Bosenko – 0.54973%
Bartlomiej “Tony” Sanak – 0.34822%
Ricardo “Trikar” Medrano – 0.33568%
Julian “Brain” Vettermann – 0.28021%

This is NEM community choice!


POI results:

Official results:

President: Alexandra Tinsman
Vice-President: Nelson Valero :triangular_flag_on_post:
Secretary: Jason Lee :triangular_flag_on_post:
Treasurer: Dona Rinon

Hiroki Koga :triangular_flag_on_post:
Jeff McDonald
Anton Bosenko
Pedro Gutierrez :triangular_flag_on_post:
Steve Li :triangular_flag_on_post:
Mark Price

The contrast between POI and the official vote is pretty stark. I’m really dissapointed Trikar and Tony didn’t make it. That just honestly really sux.


COMMUNITY Unofficial POI vote results

POI relative percentage of elected ExCo members

Alexandra Tinsman
296 out of 364 votes

Misha Granin
202 out of 307 votes

Honored Secretary
Laura Takenaka
136 out of 259 votes

Honored Treasurer
Dona Rinon
76 votes

POI score of elected council members:

Jeff McDonald
212 votes

Mark Price

Anton Bosenko
110 votes

Bartlomiej “Tony” Sanak
69 votes

Ricardo “Trikar” Medrano

Julian “Brain” Vettermann
65 votes

Note: Laura Takenaka elected as Secretary. Otherwise, she would be Council member with the following the result
85 votes

Results were collected and approved by participants of COMMUNITY Unofficial POI vote meeting that took place today, December 14, 2018, from 9:20 to 9:40 AM UTC

Interesting notes:

  • We see a vast difference in the results of POI vote with results of whitelist results up to 8.4 times.

  • POI vote did affected whitelist vote results. Here is most obvious example: Mark Price would not be on Council as he was elected in POI vote and was elected in whitelist elections with 56 votes, while Emerson Fonseca, who was not elected in POI vote, got 55 votes and was not elected.

PS Special thanks to Kristof for supporting this POI vote in all possible ways, original idea of such vote itself, and starting this topic on forum.


I’m sad for some, happy for others.

It’s a much better result than I was expecting considering all the barriers and weirdness thrown up and dug up. It looks like a bunch of listeners and doers and that’s what’s been badly needed since forever.

I’m feeling optimistic.

Well done and congrats to those who won, those who voted, those who did some detective work and Kristof for suggesting the PoI angle as the result would be extremely different without everyone mentioned.


Mr Chia wrote that Foundation can add more Council members if they decide so.


Perhaps the Community-voted persons could at least be considered for the NEM Council then?
Can you dig out and send here proper reference to Stephens information please @Spider ? I was not aware that he confirmed that earlier.


Stephen Chia | NEM.io:
"Currently, there is no representative from the US region on my proposed council line up is because the new Council has the option to co-opt a regional head onto Council, therefore Alexandra being the regional head, may be invited on the Council.

Don’t forget that the Council may consists of up to 15 members, in accordance to the by-laws."


@jabo38 @Inside_NEM
Please consider to bring this up during your next meetings. I’d love to see the council include the “peoples’ choice” representatives.