I'll put my vote where my mouth is

First of all , I’m writing this with my community member hat on :cowboy_hat_face:

Since many of you have been asking for a POI vote and I’m of the opinion that the community has the right to get that ( given the circumstances it’s the only fair option IMO ), I have decided to at least make it happen for what is in my control. I have the freedom to decide how to cast my vote and I’ll do that in accordance with the community’s wishes!

Therefore I have decided that if one of the community members sets up a POI vote that I will vote according to the outcome of that.

I will reveal my account address in advance so that the community can verify my vote afterwards. That should give enough confidence that I will honour this.

I suggest the following approach :

  1. I’m looking for a community member ( e.g. @nembit86 or @JohnGalt ) that is interested in setting up the votes.
  2. Once the candidacy list is finalised I will notify (the community and) that community member so that the vote can be set up.
  3. The deadline of the vote should be set to e.g. December 6th to allow enough time for the community to vote. I will discuss this in more detail once we have found someone that is willing to set up the votes.
  4. One special condition : there should be an additional option to choose not to vote for a specific position. The reason for this is that I don’t want to vote if the majority would prefer not to vote for a specific position, especially if there is only one candidate. Not that it will make a difference but people should be given the option to show that they don’t want to vote.

We’ll probably need to think this through a little more but if it can be properly organised then I pledge to honour the community’s wishes.


Maybe first vote POI vote or not, then proceed.

Please read carefully. This is my decision as a member of the foundation , not as the interim president.

I have the right to choose how I vote and since I’m of the opinion the POI is the best option given the circumstances I want to lead by example, showing community I mean what I said.


To also support the idea of a PoI vote, I will also be voting in accordance with this vote if set up. :slight_smile:


Great !

Let’s start a movement :


Just as @Xpedite proposed in this post if one of the community members sets up a POI vote that I promise to vote according to the outcome of that. I’ve already reached out to both @nembit86 and @JohnGalt to offer my help in organizing such POI vote.

PS I’ll use only one of my accounts for voting. Yes, I have more then one, and if you are voting, you should read my story about it.

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So a concurrent POI election vote?

Are you saying this is open to all the community regardless of Foundation membership or not?

Cheers :+1:

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POI is POI :grinning:
It will be a POI vote like every other one we’ve seen ( NCF ect. )
I pledge to vote according to that and it seems we have two other people doing the same already. I would certainly welcome more people to do the same.

To me it’s about making a statement.

It seems @JohnGalt is interested to set it up. Happy to see that since I don’t have much time to do it myself.


I’ll also pledge my vote in what ever direction this goes. :slight_smile:

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I see the POI polls to vote for the election but they are whitelisted.

I thought it would be open to all?

Those are not POI pools, those are for eligible registered members. Unfortunately that’s what we have for now.

NEM != NEM Foundation
NEM community != Paid members
NEM = NEM community

Lets vote with PoI, as it should be!


Please use this guide and help us to improve and translate it to as many languages as possible. Video tutorials and other helpful materials are welcome.

Detailed guide Is published both in form of medium post here

and below for discussion and proposals on it’s improvements:

NEM Foundation COMMUNITY Unofficial POI vote Voting Guide

A step-by-step process on how any XEM owner can vote in the 2018 NEM Foundation COMMUNITY Unofficial POI vote (Elections)

Introduction to the COMMUNITY Unofficial POI vote
The 2018 NEM EGM (Elections) will take place on Friday, December 14th, 2018 at 8 am UTC with the purpose of electing the new Executive Committee (ExCo) and new Council Members of the Foundation. Voting begins Dec 10th and ends 14th December at 8:30 AM UTC.

During same period of time COMMUNITY Unofficial POI vote will happen for all same position following exactly same rules yet for all XEM owners.
Voting details are listed below.

For the purpose of the election, the NEM Foundation has organized a EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting ) which will be accessible through the ZOOM link provided to the eligible members in the EGM notice. Please pre-install the ZOOM app prior to the meeting at https://zoom.us/.

COMMUNITY Unofficial POI vote will have it’s own POI-vote meeting zoom link that will be announced on Telegram chats t.me/nemred and t.me/nf2_0.
Note: Voters are not required to attend the EGM and POI-vote meeting to make their vote count. The EGM and POI-vote meeting are only a formalities, and attending the EGM and POI-vote meeting is optional.
What Is The NEM Council?

The NEM Council is a group of elected individuals who come together to discuss the needs of the NEM Foundation and NEM technology platform. This includes a cooperative spirit that allows the NEM Foundation to reach a consensus on issues that impact the sustainability and future of NEM Foundation.
Positions And Candidate Information
There are four (4) elected members of the Executive Committee (ExCo): The President, the Vice-President, the Honorary Secretary, and the Honorary Treasurer.
There are six (6) Council Members that shall be elected. The top 6 candidates who have the most votes shall be elected as Council Members.
Candidates who will have the most votes per position shall be elected in office.
Candidates policy documents for the 2018 ExCo and Council candidates can be found HERE.
The Candidate voting guide can be found HERE.

    How To Vote
    Voting will take place on the NEM public chain using the NEM Wallet (a new update from the NanoWallet which is found on the NEM website at https://nem.io/downloads/).
    Step 1: We don’t ask all voters to upgrade to the latest version of the Nanowallet yet it’s always nice to have latest software, get it HERE .
    Important! You don’t need latest version to vote, it was tested with past versions including 2.1.2 or later. The Nanowallet is compatible with OSX, Windows and Linux.

Extract the zip file and double-click “start.html”. Please do not use Microsoft Edge browser, it can result in the loss of your wallet. We recommend Google Chrome or Firefox.
Note: Here’s a helpful video on how to update your wallet if it has been an extended time since last use.

Step 2.
On the main landing page of the NEM Wallet, go to the upper left navigation bar where it says “SERVICES”. Click on this and then scroll below to the service called “VOTING”. You will see a link called “SEE POLLS”. Click on this link.

Step 3. All eligible members will have 6 polls listed in their NEM Wallet where their account is whitelisted. The 6 polls are:
COMMUNITY President Voting Poll
COMMUNITY Vice President Voting Poll
COMMUNITY Secretary Voting Poll
COMMUNITY Treasurer Voting Poll
COMMUNITY Council Voting Poll Part 1
COMMUNITY Council Voting Poll Part 2

Please note that due to technical limitations it was necessary to split the vote for council in two polls. Both polls are multiple choice and polls will be tallied during the EGM.

Step 4. The results from the six election polls will only be counted as definitive once the polls have ended and are counted from historical data. At the POI-vote meeting, the 6 polls will be audited.

How You Can Verify Your Vote
Voting results will be made public. Therefore every vote will be verifiable on the NEM public blockchain.

If you have any issues with the Nanowallet, please reach out to us on Telegram at Helpdesk. https://t.me/nemhelpdesk.
Other Helpful Tips:
Getting Started on the Nanowallet Video
How To Update Your Wallet Video — Warning! Remember to back up all your .wlt files and/or private keys before upgrading your wallet!
Nanowallet Documentation
If you have any other issues voting or have concerns, please email us at support@nem.help.

5. FAQ
Is a vote change allowed? What happens if someone changes their vote? Is it possible to send a second transaction manually? Answer: Only the Council positions are multiple choice. For Council it is possible to add votes for more candidates but a vote that was cast can not be removed. For the ExCo polls, it will not be possible to make any changes since they will not be multiple choice.
What will happen if someone tries to vote using old Nanowallet (for example 2.3.2)? Answer: It will work for POI-voting.
Is it allowed to vote for the President on one day, the VP the next day and then the Council 1 + other ExCo and Council 2 on another day? Answer: As long as the vote is done within the predefined time it’s ok. There are six different polls so it’s ok to cast the vote at six different times.

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We’ve lost NEM, watch the full video, again and again, to understand how NEM again can get from one to many (screenshots from youtube link quoted above):

Copy this link to youtube video above and send it to everyone who has even 0.05 XEM and shares it with a few words from your heart.
Everyone has to see video @Xpedite posted, listen to it carefully and do just that.
For now, it’s just to

  • give POI vote now using this simple guide
    *in case you are eligible member hold your vote for now

The leader doesn’t have much role, and it doesn’t matter who started the movement, @Xpedite, @nembit86 or @JohnGalt You are the hero, who follows the movement first and who joins in after it.

Disclosure: I am the person who’ve initiated COMMUNITY POI vote and, I did it as I believe that NEM is community first and foremost.
NOT group of people who control community being afraid that NEM community that gave them job leaves them on the street without their job,
** NOT** (probably nonexisting) Singapore laws prohibiting POI,
** NOT** even NEM Foundation itself and for sure
** NOT** few people those ~200 members eligible for EGM vote.

More on why I initiated COMMUNITY POI vote in my candidacy forum thread: Misha Granin for Vice President (at least for a day, so we all can create NEM Foundation 2.0)

PS Next best thing you can do after giving POI vote now is think of ideas how this message can be spread globally to everyone one who ever had NEM, they all have some importance for us now, and yes, they have some importance score too.

  • Should we make a separate thread or even section on the forum for this?
  • Should we make simper shorter guide?
  • Should we send messages on NEM blockchain to inform about POI?
  • Should we contact in person each Telegram account in our chats?
  • Should we record videos about it? Do infographics? Post on all our channels?
    Don’t just look for ideas or share them, start implementing what you can.

It’s not about this candidates now; it’s about NEM community showing to the world and itself that it still exists.


You know what would be awesome ? To give the community a permanent, virtual council seat. One virtual member of the council, always votes according to a vote on the chain. There’s some kinks to work out but I think that’d be pretty cool :slight_smile:


If you mean POI vote I think its great idea.

So is the poll now up? I see there’s one in the wallet but I’m unsure whether it’s the ‘official’ one.

Yes, it’s not official, but it’s primary, and we hope that no one will spam/split it as its polls already got way more voters then officially registered members elections. For more info read the guide on how to vote there https://link.medium.com/WTkjgLnPxS or vote as you see the right thing. This screenshot demonstrates it:

I noticed that the POI votes expire at the same time as the official vote.
As a result I won’t be able to wait until expiration of the POI vote in order to cast my vote in the official poll.

I will wait as long as possible but I advise everyone to vote by POI as soon as possible.


Done! Thank you.

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