Tell why you've got more than one NEM Foundation member account

NEM community members are worried about some votes, that were “sponsored” and multiple votes from the same individual. The sad thing is that someone may doubt the legitimacy of this elections. In such case NEM Foundation needs to have an explanation why some votes were counted / not counted in the process of voting in this year NEM Foundation elections, this

I encourage anyone who registered more than one member account to explain. I did it and here is my explanation.


I registered myself twice with different personal documents as I didn’t get confirmation after 1st registration and it was too late to get in touch with the support team.

Full story:

I’ve encouraged everyone I know in NEM community to register in time to have the opportunity to vote. Probably majority of Russian speaking community heard my call to vote

I myself didn’t register early enough as the form had constant glitches (website form didn’t work at all) and as I hoped to give proper instructions with some screenshots of my registration process, I kept postponing registration until website form bug is fixed. When I finally registered with the backup link as website form was not working till last moment I didn’t get any email, and there was no time to initiate a support request, and I was not sure if my form was submitted. To make sure that I can participate in elections I’ve registered again using other valid ID. I was surprised that there was no manual approval and I got two emails with a payment instruction. I paid twice so now I have 2 valid NEM membership accounts in my name, one tied to passport and another one — to driver license. I hope there is a manual check for such cases and wanted to point it out in case if it is not so.

I’ll use only one of my accounts for voting and just as @Xpedite proposed if one of the community members sets up a POI vote that I promise to vote according to the outcome of that. Deleting another account would be a great option, but as of now I only can delete my KYC data.

At that moment we all knew about dozens of sponsored accounts and hundreds of registered accounts, so I don’t think anyone can see my two accounts as me trying to influence elections dishonestly, yet each such case should be clear for NEM Foundation.

Please explain if you registered multiple times as I did or send someone XEM to pay for membership, or just sent multiple transfers that may look like sponsoring memberships. I did it, @r3n3 did it, some other people did, please also do it if it applies to you.


Yeah, I think that horse was shot in the face a while ago. There will be people doubting the legitimacy of this election and you’re right, that is sad.
Your case just adds even more controversy and I wanna thank you for coming forward.


Вы все еще работаете в NEM?
Можете ли вы объяснить цель поездки в Монтевидео и Венесуэлу в январе / феврале 2018 года?