I'm looking to diversify my crypto pot

I have an amount of xem now that I have accumulated over 12 moths or so from savings and cost average.
I am bored with xem, it is very boring at present.
I have no intention to sell but can anyone give me some pointers on some new coins I can diversify into.
No, I do not sell xem, it will simply be moving my monthly cost average into a new coin.
I dropped out off BTC and bought xem, so this summer I might be looking for some decent coins to buy as a small timer.
The market is very cheap at present, so there must be some good buys out there.


Look at https://chainzilla.io, they are NEM partners, but also works with other two fully working cryptos. I think that in 2019 there will be big differences between working and not working yet solutions.

Hodl XEM :slight_smile:

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Thank you
I will look into this.
very interetsing :grin: