Importing from Coinomi to NEM wallet

My wife was using Coinomi on her phone and sent her XEM there. I would like to import her keys from that wallet into the nem desktop client so that she can opt in to Symbol.

Coinomi bases its wallet addresses on a BIP39 mnemonic. From that, I can generate a BIP32 root key (and also a QR code that I can save as some image format).

It also generates a list of private/public key pairs. I’m sure that’s not useful here.

When I try to setup her wallet, I can choose “Login” → “Import Wallet” and I get prompted to select a wallet file. I select the link below that “Import wallet”, and am taken to a screen to import wallet QR code. Is this the BIP32 root key? If so, how would I import it?

Thank you for your assistance.

You have to export private key from Coinomi and import it into NEM desktop wallet.
To export:

To import private key:
Sign up > Private key wallet option
Choose mainnet
Put password and wallet name
Provide private key from Coinomi export
Create and login