Increase in the turnover of XEM through the commodity market. Funding Proposal

The purpose of the project (Benefits for NEM)

  1. Promotion of XEM in the calculation of cash transactions, through the commodity market.
  2. Introduction of XEM in payment turnover, in the CIS countries and the world.
  3. Notification the people about the opportunities that the XEM gives.
  4. Increase the number of people using XEM.
  5. Creating a fundamental basis for the growth of the XEM course
  6. Increase in liquidity on exchanges.

What is a cashback?
Cashback is a function, the essence of which: by use credit card, the owner receives a percentage of the amount spent back to his account. As a discount from 2% - 30%.

A person who wants to save money knows about the availability of cashback services, but all existing services return money in local currency.

The Market Problem
Most people are afraid of crypto currency and do not even know how to use them.
To make a nanowallet and just replenish the account - for 80% of people from the CIS countries a big problem.

Our idea is to pay people cashback, from their purchases, in XEM.
First, the cashback service will help save money.
Secondly, consumers can immediately become holders of XEM, as well as get used to settlement not in fiat currencies, but in crypto-currency (in XEM). And this opportunity gives a large quantity of people to learn for the first time about crypto currency - XEM.

Psychological factor
Most people did not have time to buy XEM because they did not know anything about this e-currency. But as is known, it is psychologically difficult to get over the lost profit. Because XEM, for 980 days, grew by 362 thousand %.
On this we built our marketing strategy, attract people.

Using the CashBack service, people can not only save money on purchases, and then spend XEM, but also invest in a currency that will rise in price from a few cents to thousands of dollars.

Good and promising news
Our partner, is engaged in the fact that it negotiates with various catering establishments, and online shops, about payment in the crypto currency. Now they have already connected 7 large networks of Ukraine, on delivery of food products, with payment by crypto currency.
And we will agree on putting XEM into circulation.

Number of partner stores (in which people can buy with cashback) in the CIS Regions
1153 stores offering partner stores. And the market continues to expand.

Territory coverage
Initially, we are aimed to cover the CIS markets: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.
Further expansion to Europe, Asia, South America, USA and Africa.

The audience
Our first audience is the CIS crypto community. Word of mouth, and as a consequence the rest of the people.
By age: from 10 to 70 years.

Popularity of queries in search engines:
from 2004 - to 2017:
Red - “Cashback”
Blue - “Cash Back”
Yellow - “Кэшбэк” (in Russian)

Popularity by region:
Red - “Cashback”
Blue - “Cash Back”
Yellow - “Кэшбэк” (in Russian)

Source: Google trends

Example of a company
We took the largest cashback service in the territory of the CIS, investigated and obtained data:

Number of visits to the site
Open statistics on


Development of the Internet market:
According to the Association of Internet Trade Companies (AITC), the Russian Internet market in the first half of 2017 grew by 22% compared to the same period last year, to 8.3 billion USD.
According to AITC’s forecast, by the end of the year the market will grow by 25% and for the first time will exceed the threshold of 20 billion USD. Now the market of Internet commerce is about 36% of the entire digital economy of Russia.
Orders in foreign stores in six months rose by 49%.
Among the national markets, the UK is leading, where sales volume in e-commerce will amount to € 197 billion this year. In second place - Germany - € 86 billion, on the third - France - € 82 billion.
Russia divides the fourth place with Spain: in both countries, experts predict sales of € 28 billion.

Сompeting markets (list of CIS competitors / World)
Top cashback in the CIS has 1100+ partner stores
Top cashback in Germany has 2,600+ partner stores.
Top US cashback has 3,500+ partner stores

The legal side
To ensure the security of the service, from local legislation and confusion in crypto regulation, the company will registered in the offshore zone.
For example, on the British Virgin Islands.

Payment systems:
Through these payment systems, residents of the CIS are accustomed to paying their internet purchases.
Visa, MasterCard, Qiwi, Webmoney, PayPal, Yandex Money.

We’ll teach, how to use XEM and show to all of them that it’s easy.

Mobile app
Since most users use the mobile application more often than the web site. In our plans, the implementation of the application for iOS and Android. When receiving notifications, users will pay attention to different offers, which in turn stimulates turnover.
Quick and convenient access to the wallet and the service will guarantee the frequent use of XEM.

Our team
Implement a part of the project will be a company with 11 years of experience, and a large portfolio of works. Namely, site, application and technical support.
An advertising campaign, about 10 people will work, with an average experience of 4 years.
Our team is members of the crypto community of Ukraine: traders, designers, marketers, programmers, developers.
In our plans to create a product that will help NEM attract a large number of active users who have never before used the crypto currency.

Our advertising campaign
Word of mouth in the crypto community of the CIS. Since the service with such a trick is a novelty, everyone will talk about it.
Contextual advertising. Google AdWords.
Participation in blockchain conferences. The main part of speeches is “about what is NEM and how profitable to use it” and other topics related to NEM. The second part is pens, cups, badges, booklets, air balloons, etc., everything you can see and take with you, touch. To most kinesthetics, this kind of marketing helps to make a decision about using.
Advertising in retail chains (refueling, cafes, shopping centers)
Advertising in social networks will be carried out with the help of opinion leaders who will share how profitable to use crypto currency XEM. This type of marketing will help many people to believe in NEM and acquire currency.

Social networks used:
Facebook, monthly visits more than 2 billion people around the world, ideal for expansion in other countries.
Instagram as an addition to facebook. And monthly 500 million users.
YouTube, this is a very good tool where we will publish commercials and recordings of speeches from conferences. Also use bloggers for advertising.
Telegram, we will advertise only in the largest and most active groups. is not the main promotion tool, but a huge number of young people from the CIS countries are there.
Twitter, only as an official channel, for news and statement.

Road map

Report on the work done, we will lay out weekly, namely:
Youtube, recording the filming of our speeches from conferences.
In Facebook and Instagram, Telegram - we will report on the work done.

Budget (XEM)

Part 1

23.7% - 163,000 XEMs

Website creation - up to 25,000 XEMs
Domain registration, design development.

Legal registration - up to 25,000 XEMs
Remote legal registration of the company in the offshore zone and assistance in the remote opening of a bank account.

Development of mobile application:
up to 113,000 XEMs for app (iOS and Android)

Part 2

41.7% - 286,000 XEMs

SEO and Contextual Advertising - 13,000 XEMs / per month during 13 months it will be cost 169,000 XEMs
Advertising in social networks - 9,000 XEMs / per month during 13 months it will be cost 117,000 XEMs

Part 3

23.7% - 162,500 XEMs

Participation in conferences - average from 7,500 XEMs / for 1
We plan to attend all large-scale conferences throughout the CIS. For 19 months there are 20 conferences.
This includes a sponsorship fee + associated costs.
Total: 150,000 XEMs

Merchandise for exhibitions will all be with NEM logos:
Stand, posters, T-shirts, pens, notepads, balls, badges, etc.
Total: 12,500 XEMs

Part 4

10.9% - 75,000 XEMs

Cacheback Foundation - 75,000 XEMs
In order to pay out the cashback.

The estimated budget of the project, for 19 months - 686,500 XEMs



interesting idea! Return money in cashback to NEM) I think that many people would like to become an investor by simply making the usual purchases

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how will this factor in more blocks for harvesting fees?

I probably do not understand a little, but what relation does the harvesting fees have to this topic?

$9k for social media Advertising a month? Thats a bit steep.

9k for YouTube, Facebook, vk, google AdWords and other. What would be the leaders, we need a massive advertising campaign.

more transactions on nem = more chances at harvesting. thats why i asked, if this , in the end, will factor into more transactions per second?

Do you have a technical soution that is easily phisically or software-wise implemented into shops while not slowing down the traffic? From what i understand, you are aiming at credit card and fiat markets. How would one accomplish instant cashback in xem from a cash register?..i imagine the buyer has to give his xem adress, or can be tied to a card…issued by you… Or you are gonna have ton of co signatories to your main account. Probably more than it’s practical.

Also i don’t se any funds allocated to solving that kind of problems. Who is going to program the interface between shops and your service? What is the cost of that?

Will you print physical cards?

Who will cover costs of implementation and staff training in physical markets?

If purely web based, this project would only pay and at a steep price your go at marketing while traveling to varios conferences.

Also, 1 mil usd? How big is the team ?

This project looks like a money shot to me. Very sloppy presentation. Milestones with 1-2 tasks… Nothing is clear, it’s not even a whitepaper. Do you have any telegram channel? I would like to ask you more questions before I make my decision on it, but for now, I am totally against it. Did someone from the NEM team approve this proposal?

What do I think about it? Take your time, think about it, make some demo, and then ask for money.

Yeah, I know what you did there :wink:

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