Integration of XEM and XYM into websites and mobile applications

Please tell me as a person far from the technical processes of the life of cryptocurrencies. How can we (crypto enthusiasts of the NEM network) be able to integrate the XYM payment system into our Internet projects ??? …

We have two projects for integration of XEM payments on your web platform.

  1. WordPress Woocommerce plugin (
  2. XemPay (

One of NEM Ventures portfolio companies also allows for xem, xym, fiat and other cryptos via a web widget similar to BitPay:

I know @leoinker has integrated another plugin as well but the name escapes me.

There are some older community contributions as well, I suspect probably outdated now though:


For Woocommerce stores, a simple plugin I’ve used is: “Nomiddleman Bitcoin and Crypto Payments for WooCommerce”


Благодарим за информацию.

What about an integration into mobile apps?
Aren’t there any intends or scheme that could be used from Apps to send SYM using the SYM wallet app?
That would be an ideal solution.