Invitation of email sign-up to become a MuleChain's pre-launch Charter Member

Hello NEMbers,

Many of you are familiar with MuleChain’s intended P2P delivery and warehouse services to be built on the NEM blockhain already during our previous NCF grant voting campaign which was unfortunately abruptly cancelled by NCF within days of launching. We really treasured the connections and appreciated your interest and support in us from the abundant feedback that we had received during the campaign directly from the NEMbers at the various local NEM communities around the world.

We no longer plan to have any involvement with NCF program but we would like continue to build our platform on NEM and maintain a close relationship with NEMbers and the NEM communities around the world. We would like to invite the global NEM community members to sign up on our email list at our corporate website, in order for you to personally become a MuleChain pre-launch Charter Member.

By becoming our MC pre-launch Charter Member while being an existing NEMber with a local NEM community, you will receive a mystery bonus reward as a MuleChain pre-launch Charter Member upon our service launch and many other benefits in the future.

You can also join both our Telegram MuleChain Community and subscribe to our MuleChain Channel through clicking

I look forward to your participation and welcome you to join our MuleChain community. We will need your verified email address in order to ensure you will receive a bonus. We look forward to your email sign-up at your earliest convenience.

Thank you.

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MuleChain’s Reg CF crowdfunding campaign is now live at the StartEngine Portal Site - Please feel free to visit the site if you would like to participate in this crowdfunding campaign.

Those NEM members who have registered at our website before the launch date today will be eligible for the bonus. Please read the portal site for further details.