IoDLT December / Early Jan Community Update

IoDLT October / Early November Progress Update

Hey NEM Community, Bader from IoDLT here!

Happy new year! It has been an eventful entrance into 2021 so far - the year is shaping up to be a busy one. More than ever, we believe we see the path forward to scale up our products and generate a lot more revenue. We’ve made quite a few contacts over the last couple months. ANT$ has also seen significant development, which has been created based on real industry needs.

Tech Progress

All of our tools are still up to date, as of the last update. In fact, the Ionic template was used in our most recent client work.

ANT$ has seen a couple significant updates, including a refactor to be up to date to the current Symbol SDK versions. A few new features are also in the works / in QA as of this update (should be merged soon, within the next week or two). ANT$ is also able to be successfully used in mobile, web, and backend contexts:

  • Containers - The purpose of this feature is to provide an updatable, and configurable method to store persistent information about an object. This object can be a deal, a batch in a supply chain, or an individual product. Either way, it’s a more individualized version of the existing Archive, which is more like a datastore, whereas this is a dynamic, updatable object on the chain. A container’s logs can be updated by providing a new version referencing the previous log.

  • Contextualized Identity - The purpose of this feature is to provide a way for users to have some sort of, “identity”, when logging to a container or archive. This identity acts as a sort of verification from the owner of the container or archive. An account can have multiple identities for multiple containers or archives, each based on the context of the application. This allows for one user to have different roles in different contexts.

  • ANT$ Storage - This is still in the planning stage, but the idea is to have a Storj bucket instance attached to each ANT$ object for the option of pictures, videos, or documents to be stored. Naturally, ANT$ identities will represent levels of access to this datastore.

For now, the IoDLT devnet is closed in favor of the testnet or our own private dev network.

Axon has taken a hold on development, we will pick it up as needed (we have some interesting opportunities that may require it soon)


We’ve had some successful and great feedback regarding a couple PoCs - we will share more details when we can!

Sales / Partnerships progress

We have multiple partnerships in the works, with some signed, and clients generating revenue (with more projected).

Articles, PR, and Other

Bader has been invited to participate as a mentor in the Symbol Hackathon.

Our video covering Telsa and their need for responsible nickel mining is nearly ready for release - by now, we have a good format for future videos to be produced much quicker. We believe in the importance of short and simplified videos that illustrate the huge potential of marrying the Symbol blockchain and IoT. Such videos can be used to educate, inspire, and excite the NEM community and blockchain community at-large.

As always, we are incredibly grateful to NEM Ventures, NEM Group, and the community for allowing us to come this far. We’re very excited to kick this year off with a ton to do, and we can’t wait to keep everyone updated as we go. Thank you!

IoDLT Team


Thank you for your dedication and dedication.